What is the Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride?

Ride Stop N Go has teamed up with Cycle Works Motorsports group of Alberta, Polaris Industries USA (manufacture of Indian and Victory Motorcycles) providing two of the most iconic brands of motorcycles; Indian and Victory for this world-renowned demo ride.

We will be riding from Coast to Coast across Canada, down through New York City, across the Northern States heading towards Sturgis South Dakota for the 75th Anniversary Rally. Polaris continues to impress the motorcycle world, with their Victory and Indian motorcycles, we said
“Let’s put them to the test”!

Troy and Ang from Ride Stop N Go are 2 hard-core motorcycle enthusiasts who, since 2010, have ridden all over North America in search of the Best Motorcycle Rides; they have been riding Harley Davidson motorcycles for many years. Over the past few years the friendly banter between Harley & Polaris (Victory & Indian) has created a lot of interesting stories and a buzz
β€œAre they really going to switch?” comments.
Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride

Details of the 2015 Summer Tour

Ride Details

  • Cycle Works Alberta: Your dealer for all Victory, Indian sales, parts & Acc.
  • Demo Ride Route: From the Pacific to the Atlantic
  • Bike Comparisons: New rides to Old Rides, service, gas mileage, handling and more
  • Contest: Guess TOTAL COMBINE KMS of the 8 week trip
  • Stops Along the Way: Coming to a town near you
  • Heading to New York: Riding to Central Park & Time Square
  • Heading to Iowa: Factory Tour of Victory
  • 75th Sturgis Rally a MUST stop, to test the bikes

June 12th to August 9th, 2015 trip of a lifetime

We left Calgary on June 12th, rode West to dip our tires into the Pacific Ocean.
We started heading East on June 18th, arrived in St. John’s Newfoundland to dip our tires in the Atlantic Ocean.
We ventured down into the USA with stops in New York City, Spirit Lake Iowa and over to Sturgis.
You can get caught up to speed with our trip viewing all our blogs and videos right here on this page!
Great to meet so many of you along the way,
Cheers from T&A

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map of worlds longest motorcycle demo ride
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Who is Cycle Works – Victory – Indian

Cycle Works Alberta

Did you know there are 5 Cycle Work dealerships in Alberta? They are your four season dealership, a toy for dry pavement, snow, mud and everything in-between.

Accelerate Your Ride since 1980
They have 35 years experience in the industry, they know their products

Cycle Works Calgary was the 1st dealership in North America to have the 2015 Cross Country Magnum Arlen Ness #002 of #250.
They also were the 1st dealership in North America to receive the 1st 2015 Cross Country Magnum for their customer.


Victory, American Made

Victory has the ultimate combination of American value and muscle, how can you NOT imagine yourself on one?

Victory has a bike for every style of rider,a unique look to them that grabs your attention.
Riding in comfort, having a passenger and put on a million miles, the touring bike is made for you.

Indian, American Made

Returning to the motorcycle world with the classic Indian style but with the sleekness and power of Polaris

Riding with pride where ever you go, their statement is simple “Respect”
The legend is back! It is a stunning ride that has sparked the interest and desire of many riders, ride it once and you will know why.

Indian motorcycles

Cycle Works- Calgary shows off 1st Arlen Ness Magnum of the World

Riding Coast to Coast Across Canada

Riding from Coast to Coast Across Canada

We are starting out from Cycle Works Calgary Alberta on June 12th, riding north to Cycle Works Edmonton. June 13th we are riding west to Victoria where we will be rolling our front tires into the Pacific Ocean.

  • Riding from British Columbia back to Alberta
  • Across Saskatchewan, Manitoba into Ontario
  • Touring around southern Quebec heading to the Maritime
  • Exploring Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick
  • Rolling our tires into the Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland

There’s a few more details we’d like to share, so have a look at our post about it.
The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride

cycle works victory bikes

Riding through New York City to Sturgis SD

Leaving Canada the Tour continues as we make our way to the 75th Anniversary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, we will be stopping in some pretty cool places along the way.

  • New York: Time Square, Ground Zero
  • Minnesota: Indian Manufacturer Plant
  • Iowa: Victory Manufacturer Plan
  • South Dakota: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
  • Montana: Meet up to ride home

cycle works victory bikes

Comparing our “old bikes” to the “NEW Motorcycles

We will be keeping a detailed log of the complete demo ride, the pros and cons, how they handle in the diverse Canadian weather and roads, and report on all the bells & whistles that come with the bikes.

  • Fuel Mileage
  • Wear & tear
  • Services
  • How they handle
  • Services

Watch the video! Troy & Ang Share their first thoughts

Blue Circle Insurance Supporting the Demo Ride

We like to say Blue Circle Insurance and Ride Stop n Go are like
Peanut Butter and Jelly, we are a perfect combination!

Big Thanks to the whole crew down at Blue Circle Insurance along with Travellers
Insurance for supporting us on this incredible journey!

Without a doubt Blue Circle Insurance is Alberta’s Leader in Motorcycle Insurance, if you have not got a quote from them yet, give them a call!

They are at a new super cool location: 3402 8 Street SE, Calgary 403-770-4949.

Have you got your 2015 10 Great Alberta Rides Map yet?

Enter to win Contests

Contest, How to win

Enter your guess of the TOTAL COMBINED KILOMETRES Troy & Ang will ride on The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride
WINS $500 Gift Certificate to Cycle Works MotorSports Alberta and *Children’s Electric 1948 Indian Motorcycle.
Gift Certificate can be used in store or online.
*Details of Children’s Electric Motorcycle: Complete with working head and taillights, audible horn, and classic Indian Chief fender ornament, the battery-powered bike makes authentic engine sounds as youngsters roar down the sidewalk at 2 MPH. Supports up to 65 lbs Minor assembly Ages 3 to 6. 16 1/2″ H x 16 1/2″ W x 30″ L

CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel Mahe for winning the contest of guessing TOTAL COMBINED KMS of demo ride.

We put on 37493km, Daniel guess 37,400km.

Connecting via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

When we left on The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride, we had our Friends Facebook Page, the 1st of July Facebook took our “Person” page down and converted it to a “Business” page!

For those who thought we had fallen off the face of the earth, we haven’t, we are unable to connect with each of you personally like we have previously! We are disappointed in this for sure and there is nothing we can do about it about and use the Business Page.

We are on twitter and Instagram as well, you can find us at @RideStopNGo.

We miss the personal touch with you, feel free to friend request to Troy or myself!

Places we stop at to Eat, Sleep, Meet ‘n’ Greet

The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo ride will be documented not only on video, but as content/information here on the website.
When we find motorcycle friendly places to eat/sleep/meet at we will let you know so you can stop in when you are near by.
If you know of a great place we should be stopping at along the way, or want to ride with us just let us know by leaving a comment, sending us a message via Faceboook, Twitter or Email !

Good Luck!
Ride Safe & Have Fun