Our 44th day on the road and we FINALLY arrive at Sturgis, the 71st Annual Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis South Dakota. Where anywhere from 400,000 to 750,000 bikers and riders come to PARTY their faces off, let their hair down and do something they maybe wouldn’t normally do.  You will see all kinds of bikes, babes, old, young, short, tall, skinny, chunky, things you will see that you will see no where else and we are spending 5 days here to take it all in… what will we see?? Just so you know what happens in Sturgis stays in Sturgis, we will preview a few things but if you have never been you better show up one day and see what you will see…

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally FAQ – Click Here

Sturgis SD has a population of just over 6000 people on a regular basis,but through out the summer, it comes alive!
We left our hotel room in Deadwood, we put on A LOT of miles, a whole whopping 14 miles, we were anxious to pitch out tent and walk around to see what we could see. We found our “home”, on the east side of Sturgis, Yard Dogs Camp! We pitched our tent, our first tent together, I am not too excited about tenting (as mentioned a few times before) but it was put together so quick and easy I had my first positive thought about tenting!

Motorcycle Tour 2011

Motorcycle Tour 2011

Sturgis Bike Rally, just a few motorcycles

After setting up our tent we headed out to see what we could see… We are less than 5 minutes from The Broken Spoke, a place we get to know quite well! If we stopped at every bar for a drink or two we may never get back home, we kept walking. We had an idea, to see as much as we can the first day, so the next few days we could ride, explore the other side of Sturgis. The Motorcycle Show hadn’t started yet, but we walked through the bike show and seen some pretty cool, bizarre and people with vivid imaginations. We were thirsty so we stopped a bar or two, did a little shopping and made our way to the Main Street where everyone parks! I mean EVERYONE! This is the 1st day of Sturgis Bike Rally, sooooo many cool motorcycles.

Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011

Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011


Night Time in Sturgis

The girls don’t wear much at night either… Hmmm and to make things even, neither do some of the guys! We stopped at The Broken Spoke late afternoon, it was hot out, the bevies were cold and we were settling in for our 1st night in Sturgis. My thinking was have too much to drink and I won’t remember I have to sleep in a tent tonight LOL!!
WE had fun, watching the people, the entertainment, meeting fellow riders and seeing a lot of things that we said “ONLY IN STURGIS”!
We can’t share too much of what went on for a couple reasons, 1) you have to experience it for yourself and 2) we don’t remember much! LOL We met a lot of great fun people, even hooked up with our new life long friends we met in Custer!
Off to sleep in our tent castle and see what tomorrow brings…

Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011
Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011

Day 2 of Sturgis

Troy is so happy to have a large coffee pot brewed as early as he is up, me on the other hand would love to sleep in, especially with a fuzzy head, but our 1st night sleep in the tent was NOT so good! Not long after we are up the day starts to warm up, we start our morning ritual of beer & juice/coolers, head down the road to shower and get ready for the day. Our 1st stop of the day is The Broken Spoke, just because it is 3 blocks from our home! It is mid day by now and we get to watch all kinds of entertainment, great bands, midget jumping in to Mosh pits, met up with new people, saw some bizarre things and before we knew it, it was night. We had a fun 2nd day… oh great now back to the tent…
Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011vMotorcycle Tour 2011

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