2 days, 2 nights at Sturgis 71st Motorcycle Rally, we have walked the streets, drank a little (too much LOL), laughed lots and met a lot of great people. We got up this morning and headed out of town to meet up with a girlfriend from High school! Who would have thought we would both be in Sturgis, on motorcycles, 25 years ago?? Troy and I decided to ride through Spearfish Canyon today and explore the outside areas of Sturgis.

Spearfish Canyon

We rode out of Sturgis early thinking we would beat the traffic, yeah not so much, I guess other riders have the same idea as us! We headed west, through Deadwood and past Lead, where on the side of the road was a Camp Ground where my girlfriend and crew were staying. Even as an added bonus, bikini babes were sitting there ready to wash our bikes!!
We hung out with them for a bit, exchanging stories, laughing about all the crazy stuff we have seen, toured their camp site, had a pee and were on our way to ride Spearfish Canyon.
Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011

Neither Troy nor I have rode it before, we were not disappointed as the road was great, hundreds of bikes, sun shining, we wished the 28 miles from Lead to Spearfish was 288 miles! We did go in to the town of Spearfish, it was pretty vacant, we are guessing it is more of a bedroom town for Sturgis! It was getting later in the day and we wanted to get back and check out a different bar.. Full Throttle Saloon, here we come!
Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011

Full Throttle Saloon

This place is massive, hundreds and hundreds AND hundreds of riders are here, all kinds of music, entertainment, people of all walks of life are here man! It is still really hot out for being after 6pm, but Full Throttle Saloon (FTS) is just coming alive! We walked around taking in all the sites, the “artwork” on bodies, the unique displays and a cold bevy or 2. We seen a lot of crazy SH*T here, could have stayed for a long time but that would have meant to walk back to Yard Dogs campsite, over 3 miles and that wasn’t gonna happen. Besides it took us a while to find our motorcycles LOL, Unreal how many bikes and riders are here!!
We made our way back to Yard Dogs, picked up a few cold ones and hung out at “home” tonight. There we thought we would have a quiet night… HAHA yeah right! Yard Dogs Rules!!
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Day 4, Let’s try a few different Bars today

Well after what we thought was going to be a quiet night, we woke up and began our morning ritual with a twist! Troy was up early and making coffee, talking with the long time “members” of Yard Dogs Camp Site, I was trying to find a comfortable spot in the tent. With no luck of that I was up and learned we are going for breakfast at the Legion after our shower, COOL a home cooked meal! Great Breakfast and since we screwed up our noses at Biscuits and Gravy they knew we were from Canada!! With a full belly of grease we hit the streets of Sturgis, doing our duty of checking out a few more bars… The Knuckle Saloon was our 1st stop! A band was just starting to play, the Bloody Mary’s and Coolers were tasting real good and the people were starting to come alive from last night. We stayed longer than we wanted to but their Bloody Mary’s were so fricking good!! Another hot day in Sturgis, walking the streets, doing a little more shopping, people watching and my oh my getting thirsty. The Sidehack Saloon was not only calling our name for drinks, but there was a wet T-shirt contest was just beginning. WOW do some women get pissy and upset if they don’t win!! Making our way back we stop at the new bar EasyRiders Saloon and of course The Broken Spoke. Where does the day go??
Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011

Map of our Spreafish Canyon Run

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