It doesn’t seem like 25 days we have been gone, nor does it feel like over 7500km we have rode since we left our home. What it does feel like is having a couple days of doing nothing, laying around in the hot Florida sun, enjoying a few cold beverages and finding a Harley Dealership to do some maintenance on our bikes.

A couple days of rest, well rest to us means even less of a schedule than we normally have LOL! Troy found me a lounger, secured the backyard from these large Crane Birds attacking me and our day was set.  Troy hopped on his motorcycle, toured around and found a place that sold cold beverages, go figure!  You don’t realize how hot the sun is until you bring your white Canadian body into the house after about 4 hours of laying in the sun.. Yup it was hot out and I am no longer white.  It is so nice to be in a home instead of a hotel room, we enjoyed our night and made a bit of a plan to find a Harley Davidson dealership that could put on some new tires and such.
Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011

Good Morning from Kissimmee Florida

We were up fairly early, heading for Orlando South Harley Davidson Dealership, their new location and very close to Disney World. Not interested in spending the day at Disney World, we chatted with Steve, the service manager, and a few other guys that work there. They said they would get our bikes serviced as quick as possible and in the mean time we could head over to Buffalo Wild Wings and enjoy a nice lunch. We walked across the street, seen a couple cool bikes/trikes and sat outside, the only people sitting outside on a hot day in Florida, enjoyed the wings and the cool refreshments.
Steve and the rest of the gang at Orlando South Harley Davidson were all very helpful and friendly, we highly recommend when you are in Orlando to go there for service, rental, parts and accessories!! Troy had a service and a front tire installed, Angela had a back tire replaced. Thanks guys! We jumped on our clean motorcycles and headed back to our “home”, our last night of house sitting before heading to The Florida Keys!!!

Motorcycle TourMotorcycle Tour

Key West look out here we come!

We decided to do the trip down to the Keys a 2 day trip, main reason was we were invited by Cary Kroll to check out Bike Night at Chit Chat’s Bar in Pompano Beach Florida! We were both excited to be back riding, excited we were able to pack light, one bag each and we are off. Like to teenage kids we headed out, thinking we know everything… haha well we missed the Florida Turnpike and ended up taking a side road that went over, around, under and back over the other way of the Florida Turnpike. We tried our damndest to get onto the Pike, no such luck. The side road we took turned out to be the best road to Pompano Beach. It was true to our style, like we owned the road, no trucks, hardly any cars, great scenery and met a few kind people along the way.
We rode by Heartbreak Hotel and stopped at Kenansville Country store for cold water, a snack and visit with the local Sherriff. We watched her over fill her gas tank, clean up the mess, then asked for her picture, inquiring every so gently which direction she was going!! We continued down Hwy 441, enjoying the quiet road, we were amazed at all the diary farms and feed lots, not sure why it was a surprise to us to see such massive feed lots..?? So now we are enjoying the smells that go along with the feed lots, dairy farms, yup there were times we enjoyed the smell of our own sweat much better! We were totally blown away by the massive Lake Okeechobee, the huge damn and the beauty surrounding the lake. We were very thankful for quiet roads as there was so much to see, like all the sugar cane fields, Good Golly Ms Molly! Field after field after field, the farm girl in me was interested in knowing what type of farm equipment they used to harvest it! Troy was totally in awe of all the fields, mind blowing!

Motorcycle TourMotorcycle Tour

Pompano Beach, Chit Chats Bike Night

We cut across Hwy 700, connected back up to Hwy 441 and finally found the Florida Turnpike, which we stayed on until we headed east to Pompano Beach, riding in fear of being caught in a wicked storm. Troy reassured me we would ride away from it and thank goodness he was right, we arrived at our hotel safe and dry!
We got ourselves checked into the hotel, and looked at our GPS to find Chit Chats, easy right.. ah nope! We rode up and down the same street 3 times, almost got ourselves killed and ended up back at the hotel to start again! LOL!!
We called Chit Chats, and drove right to them! WOW what a fun night we had, every Wednesday night Sherry, Pat and the Chit Chat gang have a FREE BBQ, prizes and a whole tonne of fun! It didn’t take long for us to join the party, meet a lot of fun crazy people and were introduced to many Florida shooters! We met up with Cary Kroll, our new friend, he showed us his mobile unit which carries pretty much EVERYTHING you need for biking. It was a lot of fun, so glad Cary invited us to Chit Chat`s and so glad we decided to take 2 days to ride to the Florida Keys.

Motorcycle TourMotorcycle Tour

An unexpected Phone Call

It was midnight, we were ready to call it a night, said our goodbyes to all our new friends and went back to the hotel. Once we arrived at the hotel, I noticed I had a voice mail on my cell phone, it was my dad asking me to give him a call. We called Dad back and he told me my Nana had a heart attack and did not make it.
My Nana, Elaine Murray, was 85 years young, she loved her family, she loved to sing, laugh and giggle.
We decided to ride back to Kissimmee and make a game plan once we found out when Nana’s funeral was.
I was one of the lucky 10 grand children, I got to spend every day for 17 years with Nana as I grew up 1 1/2 miles from her. All of her children, grand children, great grand children, all her extended family and friends are truly sad for her to leave us!

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