Leaving Racine Wisconsin by 10am we rode through 5 states, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and into Michigan. We rode through Chicago with ease, went through a few toll booths, new to us Canadians, rode through the Amish country and stopped in Whitmore Lake Michigan for the night. We rode 600km today, great weather and all the roads were in really good shape.

The great thing about having the Racine Harley Davidson Dealership right across the street from us, was both our horns were dead due to some extreme water riding a few weeks back. Being travelers, the crew at Racine Harley Davidson got us in right away and quickly replaced the horns, all under warranty. They were thrilled to hear about our 10 week tour and happy to have helped us.
We were warned so much about Chicago traffic that we both were a bit nervous, once again Thank God we have the GPS, it was about 11am when we rode through the windy city and it was low traffic, and straight through no problem, we would recommend the toll express highway here! Before we knew it we were crossing the bridge into Indiana! We by-passed South Bend Indiana and traveled on back roads through the Amish Country side. Lots of corn fields, dairy farms and horse and buggies!

Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011
We continue riding into the north west part of Ohio, wanting to find a pub for a stop and beer, not in this little town we stopped at, so we continued on to the Michigan State line, we stopped here to put on our helmets.
Once in Michigan we quenched our thirst with a road side pop and a discussion of how we just rode through 5 states LOL. Unfortunately we went right by Jackson Michigan, and missed out on meeting Missy Covill, Iron Cowgirl, who we are friends with on Facebook and will hopefully see her perform at Sturgis 2011!
We pulled up to the Whitmore Lake Best Westen, greeted by a friendly hostess who offered us free beer, cookies and lemonade upon check in! That has never happened to us before, we quite like that hospitality. The rooms were awesome, up to date and $80/night. There was a restaurant across the parking lot which we went over to for a bite to eat and a well deserved glass of wine.
It was a great day of riding, 600km, great weather and we are getting closer to Ottawa for July 1st!

Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011