Feeling refreshed after a great sleep in Beaufort, South Carolina, we are ready to put on some miles and get our butts to Florida! The day has started out with sunshine and blue sky, hoping it will last.

Heading out on Hwy 170, we crossed the Broad River Bridge , rode by the marsh land around the Chechesee River, enjoying the views and very thankful to be feeling back to our quirky normal selves LOL. Beaufort South Carolina is not very far from the Georgia state line, so we started our day with our helmets on.  We entered I95 just before the Georgia state line, we found it odd to be in a traffic jam heading onto the Interstate, but at least it was warm and sunny!  The Georgia State Line Sign was easy to spot and actually had a pull out, we took our traditional picture and carried on around Savannah.  Angela’s brother had been to the  JCB dealership for a tour a while back, so we managed to do a drive by video shoot of the building, looked pretty impressive!  Just on the south side of Savannah the sun disappeared and it started to rain, looking ahead it looked even darker, so we pulled over to gear up before we got wet… something new we thought we would try!

Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011

We rode in moderate rain for a bit, then we rode in heavy rain for a bit and then we pulled over under neath a bridge as we could no longer see. Not just our goggles fogging up but literally we could not see in front of us, semi-trucks passing us almost drnowing us, it was a good time to pull over! We were under the bridge for almost an hour, another biker pulled under for a while, we did see a few bikers go by us, they nodded as they went by, not taking their hands off the handle bars!

It looked like it was letting up, so we waited for a break in traffic, and started riding in the moderate rain again, we didn’t go very many miles, but it was a long ride to get to Brunswick Georgia.  We wanted to make it to at least Jacksonville, Florida today, we stopped here for lunch hoping the rain would let up a lot or even better stop.  We pulled into the Golden Isles Harley Davidson dealership,  they were nice and let us park our bikes under their canopy and we walked to Toucans Ale House which was right beside them, for some food and beverages.

Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011

Once again we headed out in the rain, wanting to make Florida tonight, we were gearing up at the Harley dealership, a couple came out and we chatted with them about how to get around Jacksonville Florida and where the hotels were. They were very  helpful and friendly, they wished us a safe ride, hopped into their truck and drove off, while we finished putting on our gear.  We finally out rode the rain and just before the Florida state line the rain was not a sprinkle, the air was warm and we were much closer to our destination for the day.

Motorcycle Tour 2011

We found a great cheap motel at the airport, front desk clerk was a hoot, loved Canadians and gave us a sweet deal on the room.  They had laundry service and a room on the ground floor, the restaurant was closed by the time we were ready to eat.  We had a full day today, not so much in riding as we put on less than 300km, but it took us ALL day to do that mileage! Warm, dry and laughing about the day we just had, looking forward to getting to Kissimmiee where we are hanging for a few days… in the sun we hope!

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