If we knew we were going to be this thirsty today we would have drank more last night… UGH neither one of us felt too good this morning! Very late checkout of our hotel, stopped for some greasy food to settle our stomaches and off we ride down Hwy 17, to see how far we can get.

To say the least it was a pretty quiet ride today, a bit more traffic on this road which was fine, help keep us focused! We rode through Francis Marion National Forest, so nice to see everything so green and lush! We rode over the New Cooper River Bridge, also known as Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge, it is 8 lanes and 4 km long, pretty neat.

Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011

We had no destination in mind today, but giving the circumstances of our health, we decided to have a short day, shut the day down with 207km and found a nice hotel in Beaufort, SC.  We got checked in and I started working on the website and Mr. Carlson started working on a.. NAP!!!
The restaurant attached to the hotel was a nice place and didn’t serve alcohol, Thank Goodness!! We sat outside enjoying the peace and quiet and had a little furry friend join us for the evening.  This little kitten didn’t look very old and was starving, Troy gained his trust and set a saucer of cream out for him to eat. The waitress said the little kitten has been here a while and no one has ever gotten close to him.

Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011

An early night for both of us as we thought we should probably put on a few more miles tomorrow.

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