Glad to wake up to sunshine, dry clothes and ready to ride through 5 states today. We fueled up in Danbury CT, HOLY COW it was $4.27/gallon! Troy had our route mapped out and put into the GPS, we LOVE the GPS!! We stay off the Interstate as much as possible and Troy does a great job finding us great quiet roads!

We stayed on the Interstate until Brewsters New York, then Hwy 6 to Peekskill, had we known it would been this beautiful we would have put the Drift Camera on and videoed the ride. It had sweet turns, hills and the view was incredible! We crossed the Hudson River into Bear Mountain state park and onto the Palisades Interstate Parkway, another beautiful ride! We took Hwy 202 into Suffern NY, thinking that we would see a New Jersey State line sign, as it is right on the border, and to our disappointment we didn’t! We got turned around and ended up on the Interstate heading north to New York City.. OH NO!! Thank God there was one last over pass before heading to NYC, we took that and merged back onto the Interstate heading south towards New Jersey. We came around a curve and son-of-a-bitch, there was the New Jersey state line, but not in our lane! Determined to get a picture at every state line, we crossed 2 lanes of traffic, not a big deal but the one lane of traffic was merging onto the Interstate and were speeding up not expecting to see 2 crazy Canadians on motorcycles merging against traffic!! No one honked at us, they probably had the odd word said and if they had time, would have flipped us the bird, but thankfully we got across, stopped and our picture taken!!

Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle tour 2011

We are now content we got our picture and we are in New Jersey, we got back onto Hwy 202, more our speed LOL! We stopped in Bernardsville New Jersey for lunch, found a great pub, The Station, right across the street was a train stop..AMTRAK, cool looking to us who don`t see that every day!
It was quite hot, so a cold beverage was needed, Troy ordered his drink in a tall glass, we ate a good lunch and were paying the bill. We noticed Troy`s drink was $10.25, we asked the server how come it was so expensive, he said you ordered a double, Holy Crap, a drink in a tall glass means you want a double! Now we know…
We stayed on Hwy 202, went through a Toll Booth, $1.00 each just before we crossed into Pennslyvania. We didn`t see an official State line sign, so the next best thing will have to do, haha and we didn`t have to go against traffic to get it! We continued on Hwy 202 going through smaller towns, traffic was quiet and we always enjoy the scenic ride. We decided to stay in Newark Delaware, we didn`t see a state line sign at all, we did find a cold beverage store and our hotel for the night. The Sleep Inn, right across from the Delaware University, pretty quiet, not too busy, got a bit of a cheaper rate. Troy did some laundry, I had a super duper of a headache and was sound asleep within 30 minutes. I woke up a couple hours later, finished the laundry and we both were sound asleep in minutes, all the heat and excitement from the day tuckered us out!

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