On Season 2 Episode 4: We have ran out of words to describe the beauty, Alaska, The Yukon, British Columbia and Alberta have, they are all powerful tranquil and reviving places to ride your motorcycles to.
Motorcycle Ride Alaska (31)

Summer Solstice here we come

Arriving in Anchorage for the longest day of the year was part of our BIKE-IT List, we can check that off now! 24 hours of daylight!! WOW! Riding out on the Homer Spit was absolutely fantastic, seeing several Bald Eagles was pretty cool for us too! We put on a lot of miles on this trip, over 9000km by the time we reached home, Calgary Alberta, the last few days were spent reflecting on the super time we all had.

Riding our Motorcycles around Alaska and head back home

Join us this week as we ride around Alaska, ride back into the Yukon, British Columbia and eventually cross back into Alberta. Big thank you to Mike & Trina, an amazing couple who made the trip that much more memorable for us! Look forward to the next one!

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Season 6 lineup

Over 30,000km and hundreds and hundreds of hours of footage, we are proud to bring you 6 new episodes of On the Backroads with Ride Stop N Go.

Episode #1:Riding down to Mexico

Episode #2:Riding back up the Baja

Episode #3:North to Alaska

Episode #4:Riding around Alaska & back home

Episode #5:Infamous Sturgis South Dakota

Episode #6:Good old home Province of Alberta