On Season 2 Episode 3: Riding our Motorcycles to Alaska has been a big dream and goal for us and thankfully 2 great Victory rider friends mentioned it a while back. We are closer to Alaska than any of the United States and there is no reason why we or you, can’t ride there and back in a few weeks.

Planning, Packing and Hitting the Highway

Thank goodness Troy and Trina are the planners/mappers, as Mike and myself enjoyed the ride that much more! This episode of riding our motorcycles to Alaska, you will be totally impressed and maybe even surprised with the scenery, our lodging, the roads and how great of weather we had. Every day we put on a lot of miles, spent every night in a different place except our last 2 nights of this leg of the trip, as Dawson City Yukon has so much to offer we stayed there for 2 nights… not much sleep as the sun was shining every hour of the day and NIGHT!

Riding our Motorcycles to Alaska

Join us this week as we left Alberta, headed north into British Columbia, proudly made it to the Yukon and very excited to cross into Alaska. So many amazing things to see & do along the way, some was very unexpected but mostly kept us speechless and a big smile to see the beauty our countries have to offer.

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Season 6 lineup

Over 30,000km and hundreds and hundreds of hours of footage, we are proud to bring you 6 new episodes of On the Backroads with Ride Stop N Go.

Episode #1:Riding down to Mexico

Episode #2:Riding back up the Baja

Episode #3:North to Alaska

Episode #4:Riding around Alaska & back home

Episode #5:Infamous Sturgis South Dakota

Episode #6:Good old home Province of Alberta