They’re Fantastic!

Who in the hell said “the Roads in Mexico are horrible?” They must have never ridden their motorcycles across some of the dilapidated roads at home here in Canada. These are our thoughts on the road conditions. Not what we expected.

  • “other than a few spots that were cautious – they were amazing”
  • “awesome! Better than roads in Saskatchewan”
  • “new blacktop for most of it”
  • “the majority of the roads in Mexico are better than Alberta”
  • “narrow with no shoulders but I wouldn’t be afraid to come down”
  • “roads were way better than we first would have guessed”

Mexico Federal Highway #1

Highway: Mexico Federal Highway
aka: Baja’s Transpeninsular Highway
Start: Tijuana, at the US / Mexico border
End: Cabo San Lucas
Length: 1063 miles (1711 km)

The Baja’s “Transpeninsular” Highway or Mexico Federal Highway 1 as it is more commonly known runs North and South down the Baja of Mexico. The highway starts at Tijuana and criss crosses the Baja peninsula for just over 1000 miles ending in the beautiful resort city of Cabo San Lucas.

The roads in Mexico were nothing like we were told

We entered Tijuana in late March 2013 with some trepidation on the 2000 miles of unknown roads that lay ahead of us for the next three weeks.  We soon found out the roads conditions were fantastic. Besides little or no shoulders, some construction, a few wash outs in the “dips”, the odd animal close to the road; we found the route down to Cabo,  no worse than highways at home. Great blacktop, twists and turns, long flat straightaway’s, ample gas, hospitable people and great friends ensured we totally enjoyed the ride down the Baja. And so should you…

Great Roads in Mexico

What is this? New Black Top on the Roads?

You will be just as surprised about the roads in Mexico, if you haven’t already ridden down the Baja before, how a large majority of the roads are fantastic.  There is no seal chip highways on this road, sections of the roads just finished being upgraded as the black top was sweet to be riding on. When we rode down March 2013, the only rough section was around Catavina, the dips in the road showed signs of a previous wash out.
what the blacktop is like in Mexico

Pavement Examples

Mostly it was spectacular roadways… lots of fresh blacktop and the only real issue was no shoulders. Here’s a few more examples of the roads conditions.

Planning a Trip to Mexico?

We compiled a bunch of info about Mexico for you, so if you’re planning a trip down to Mexico, make sure to check it out first. Find out about crossing the border, our reviews of three clean cheap motels, what gas stations are like and what you need to know about Mexican insurance and a whole bunch more

On the Backroads with Ride Stop N Go to air soon, MAS Tour

We are happy to have 6 new shows on SHAW TV this winter, which we will post here on our website and our YouTube channel.  Last year we focused on every back road we could possibly take in Alberta. This year we will have 2 shows on Mexico, 2 shows on Alaska, 1 show on Sturgis and 1 the final show debuting more of our beautiful home of Alberta!

Stay Tuned for the airing dates…