Welcome Motorcycle Enthusiasts to the 6th and final Episode of

How did this come about you ask? Well over the last couple of years we have traveled thousands and thousands of miles across North America. Between us we have ridden our motorcycles in 45 of the lower 48 states and 6 of Canada’s 10 provinces. We have ridden to Ottawa for Canada day, parked our motorcycles on the White House lawn, Shagged in South Carolina, hit a deer in Quebec, seen a Crazy Horse and partied all night long in Sturgis SD. All the while videoing and documenting our travels.

Riding in our Beautiful Province of Alberta

Early in 2012 we were planning our motorcycle rides for the year. Between us we decided to spend the year riding in our home province of Alberta. What a novel idea we thought. There is much we have yet to see close to home. We proposed an idea to Shaw TV in Calgary to film a six episode series of motorcycling in Alberta to be shown on local TV. They loved the idea and thought it was a great way to promote riding in Alberta. So we spent the whole summer riding, filming, meeting folks and just basically having fun doing what we love; riding our motorcycles.

This week On the Backroads We take you on our Favourite Ride

The focus of the show is motorcycling some of Alberta’s less traveled roads and with 40,000km of paved blacktop in the province we had no trouble finding some of them and wow did we have fun. This episode we take you on our favorite ride in Alberta, the Highwood Pass on Highway 40.

Kananaski Country

The Highwood Pass is a mountain pass in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada. It lies west of Mount Rae and Mount Arethusa of the Misty Range, south of the Elbow Pass.
It lies within the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. The Highwood River originates in the pass.
Kananaskis Trail runs through the pass, and offers access to a multitude of camping grounds and recreational areas. The highway that runs through the pass is highway 40. It is the highest paved road in Canada at 2206 meters or 7239ft.

A Group Ride we will never forget

We had about 40 bikes show up at the house for the days ride. You should have saw the look on the neighbors faces as more and more bikes showed up. The cul de sac was full..quite a sight. We left in two groups as the sun shone and headed west on Highway 8. We turned north on highway 22 and headed toward Cochrane, we stopped roadside in Cochrane and waited for the other group to catch up.  We headed west on highway 1A passing Ghost Reservoir, the Stoney Indian Reserve and stopped briefly at Mount Yamnuska.

Highway 40

We continued west till highway 1A where we went south over the Bow River and on to the TransCanada Highway for a short jaunt east in search of Highway 40. Turning south on highway 40 (the kananaskis trail) you immediately find yourself in awe of the Rockies. The traffic was light, the sun shining, the pavement smooth as we cruised south past the Ultra green Barrier Lake and rode deeper into the pass. We stop at the gas plus for a quick refreshment just before the turn off to the Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes. We head south and slowly gain in elevation as we dodge mountain goats licking salt off the roads. Finally reaching the breathtaking peak of the pass, we equal the surrounding tree line. There is a bear nearby as we stop in the summit rest stop. Heading south down the other side we quickly descend and again dodge many goats on the road. Highway 40 turns into Highway 541 at Kananaskis Corner and we continue on our way through Eden valley on our way to one of favorite pubs..The Longview Twin Cities saloon.

More Great Highways to take us Home

After a great burger and beer we head north on highway 22 through the towns of Black Diamond and Turner Valley, we head west on Highway 549 at the small hamlet of Millarville. Quickly we come up to Highway 762 and head north through the twists and turns of this great back road. We come up to Highway 22 once again, take it north through the village of Bragg Creek and onto Highway 1, which we ride east back into the city of Calgary. We arrive home to cold beer, a huge roast and a great party to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede.

Ride & Roast 2012

We had a group of riders come up from Seattle WA, 20 motorcycles and even more people, along with 20 more family and friends from around here. We planned a Ride & Roast Party for everyone, the day started with coffee, special cream, muffins and the day ended with Roast Beef, potatoes, corn on the cob and salads, all prepared by Troy’s Son and Girlfriend, Glenn and Saralynn. We had other friends show up who couldn’t make the ride, the beer was cold, the food was amazing and everyone was still amazed at the ride and views from the day!

WOW all 6 episodes are completed

It always amazes us how a single thought can become a fabulous experience, our love and passion for motorcycling has lead us to so many amazing people, places and opportunities. Taking that single thought, adding dedication, action and imagination, you can create anything you desire. Troy and I started videoing “On the Backroads” back in May, but the thought started long before that, 6 months of riding around Alberta, meeting people, learning facts about our Province and all the hours editing, writing and promoting. We are very proud of our thought, dedication and imagination, we are also excited for all the opportunities that have presented themselves and the opportunities that are yet to come.

Great Talented Musicians featured in the Episodes

We are deeply honoured to have the rights to play the music On The Backroads. Tim Morris is the talent behind all our background music and the intro/exit music. Tim is a local Calgarian and was recently honoured by Mount Royal University with The Legacy Award for Professional Achievement. Yeah Tim!!
We haven’t personally met Missy Iron Cowgirl, but have followed her for over a year, her music is her soul, you will fall in love with her for sure.
Pat Savage is our newest musician friend, met Pat on Twitter, he has a new CD Wind & Fire and has the best biker blues rock music in the world!
We had the pleasure of using 2 more local Calgarian Music Groups, Ron Burke and ALittle Voo Doo and also Big Daddy and the Water Rats. Check them both out on Facebook. Thanks to everyone for their music!
Also big Thank you to Kurtis Kristianson of Spindrift Photography, for all the photos from our Ride and Roast Day! He has the ability to capture your passion!!

What’s Ride Stop N Go doing next?

Keep checking back as we have had many “thoughts” while riding this past summer, some thoughts are already in motion. We will be riding down the Baja to Cabo, up to Alaska for longest day of the year and to Sturgis for the 73rd Motorcycle Rally! Those are the big thoughts that have developed into an action plan, we will be releasing lots of exciting news every month. If you want to be alerted to what we are up to, sign up over on the right hand side of our website, you won’t be spammed, only alerts when we post something new.

To the other half of Ride Stop N Go

We did it honey! I loved every mile, every hour of editing, every lesson we learned! Our Style of living life to the fullest is the only way to live! Thank you for love, support and “thoughts” that lead to our future!
Excited for 2013… wanna go for a ride??