Either we all have done it or wanted to do it, make a quick stop right on the side of the road, vehicles whizzing by you just so you can have your photo taken at a Province or State Line! We had a lot of easy ones, a few we had to turn around for it and the odd, scary crossing 3 lanes of traffic in the opposite direction just to get that photo! Between Troy and I, we have been in 6 out of 10 Provinces, 44 of the lower 48 states, all on our motorcycles, most of them together with a few Troy and his buddies passed by!

We are slowly getting all the Province and State pages created on our website, you’ll see on the right half way down is some drop down boxes for Canada and United States. We will be doing a complete over haul of those pages but for right now it is a start. As we ride, stop and go places we will compile information for each Province or State page, an easy reference for all our rider friends. It is a big job but we love the fact we “HAVE TO” ride all over North America gathering this information just to let you guys know about some places to ride, where to stop, and where to go! Of course we are always happy to have our rider friends share personal tid-bits about your own State and Province, where to ride or rallies that are happening or just plain fun quirky things!
We love to look back on our rides, pictures and videos, more to keep us sane in between rides, so we thought we would show some of our Province/State line Pictures, let us know if you have the same pose!! Ride Safe!

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