After a fun evening with Ivan, Myrt and the gang, we are heading for Ottawa, to celebrate Canada Day, which so happens the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were attending also. We both are totally excited to spend July 1st in Ottawa and even more pumped we rode our motorcycles there, 4300km and 6 days, lots of fuel and lots of beers.

We were late leaving Ivan’s (Burlington Ontario) as we both were a little slow moving, after all the beer, wine and crown royal that was served the night before. It was scorching hot out and we hit the road at noon.
Motorcycle 2011 Tour Motorcycle 2011 Tour

We took the express toll route 407, (they say we will get a bill in the mail for that one), this way we are by-passing Toronto and the surrounding cities. The traffic was pretty light and it was easy to maneuver on, we stayed on the 407 until we got to Brougham, Ontario. We took some back roads until we hit Highway 7 which we took right into Ottawa. A much slower ride but less traffic and more scenic then the 401. We stopped in Havelock, Ontario for lunch and beverages at The Station, an old CP Rail depot, ate on the patio, good food, service and the sun was shining bright!

Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011
We arrived at our hotel around 8pm, Ottawa was already in party mode, streets were being closed down, people wearing red and white getting ready to celebrate Canada Day!! We are proud to be Canadian and so happy to be in Ottawa!!
Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011