Welcome Motorcycle Enthusiasts to the 4th Episode of

How did this come about you ask? Well over the last couple of years we have traveled thousands and thousands of miles across North America. Between us we have ridden our motorcycles in 45 of the lower 48 states and 6 of Canada’s 10 provinces. We have ridden to Ottawa for Canada day, parked our motorcycles on the White House lawn, Shagged in South Carolina, hit a deer in Quebec, seen a Crazy Horse and partied all night long in Sturgis SD. All the while videoing and documenting our travels.

Riding in our Beautiful Province of Alberta

Early in 2012 we were planning our motorcycle rides for the year. Between us we decided to spend the year riding in our home province of Alberta. What a novel idea we thought. There is much we have yet to see close to home. We proposed an idea to Shaw TV in Calgary to film a six episode series of motorcycling in Alberta to be shown on local TV. They loved the idea and thought it was a great way to promote riding in Alberta. So we spent the whole summer riding, filming, meeting folks and just basically having fun doing what we love; riding our motorcycles.

This week On the Backroads with Ride Stop N Go We Tour NW Alberta

The focus of the show is motorcycling some of Alberta’s less traveled roads and with 40,000km of paved blacktop in the province we had no trouble finding some of them and wow did we have fun. This episode we travel some of the beautiful roads of NW Alberta.
We left Calgary on Friday heading up the #2 highway to our destination of St. Albert and invade Angela’s parents’ house for the evening. Getting up early and thankful the sun is out we pack up the bikes and head out of St. Albert to our first stop (Tim’s and a Starbucks). After downing our coffee we head north on highway 2. We take a left on highway 37 and west to highway 44 where we point the bikes north on our way to Westlock. We have looked forward to this meeting and interview for quite some time.

Legends in the Motorcycle World

Larry Strilchuck along with John Lehman (who passed away earlier in 2012) started Lehman Trikes. Larry has graciously accepted to meet us for breakfast.
Larry and his long-time friend started Lehman Trikes Inc. in 1993. They manufactured thousands of trikes for most motorcycle manufactures and brought trikes into the mainstream of motorcycling through technology and innovation.
In 1985, John Lehman completed the first Lehman Trike. His vision was to provide a safe and comfortable motorcycle for his family to enjoy the riding experience together. Using his garage as a workshop, and a 1981 Honda CB900, he had successfully achieved his goal. At the time, John could never have imagined he was establishing the foundation for a new era of modern-day trikes
As people learned of the trike John had created, word spread and soon it became apparent that there was emerging interest for three-wheel motorcycles. The stage was set, and a company dedicated to providing an entirely new three-wheel experience was born.

The Original Trike Company…

Lehman Trikes has become the premier name in three-wheel motorcycles. Originally founded and established in the quiet rural community of Westlock, Alberta, Canada, Lehman has grown to become a publicly traded company, supported by a team of dedicated employees, dealers, and industry partners.
Now based in Spearfish, South Dakota, Lehman Trikes are proudly made in the USA and feature our 3-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Factory and dealer support for our products has earned Lehman an exceptional reputation. Lehman Trikes is proud to have established the kind of customer relationships and loyalty that can only be earned through years of dedication and integrity.

Committed to the Three Wheel Experience…

Lehman Trikes has achieved recognition throughout the motorcycle community for innovation, leadership, and advancement of three-wheel motorcycles. Our dedication to industry leadership and customer satisfaction is what sets Lehman apart. All Lehman Trikes are assembled by Factory Trained Technicians and are supported by the most highly qualified network of Authorized Lehman Dealers. Our commitment to safety, quality, and performance assures confidence and control around every corner.
For over 27 years, Lehman has been an industry leader and earned the reputation for high quality, premium trikes. “Leader of the Three World” represents our commitment to the three-wheel motorcycle experience.

It is with great sadness, that we share the news of John Lehman’s passing on January 5, 2012. His spirit will forever live on at Lehman Trikes!

Heading to Northern Alberta’s Beaches

After a long breakfast, great stories and a bunch of laughs we hopped back on the bikes and headed north on highway 44 towards Slave Lake. The ride to the northern Alberta Lake was quiet and peaceful. mostly straight, good pavement and little traffic we stepped on the throttle as we left ranch country and entered into the spruce trees and muskeg that border the town.
We expected to see some reminisce of last year’s wild fires that devastated the community. We were quite surprised to see the town has rebuilt some of the homes and businesses. We made our way to the lake and WOW were we surprised, the lake is beautiful and has the nicest white sand Troy has ever saw. We will be back at a later date to spend some time at this beautiful lake.
We headed west on highway 2 along the shores of this massive lake, we rode through the town of High Prairie until we reached highway 49. Heading south here we traveled to the small town of Valleyview where we hung a right on highway 43 heading west into the sun on our way to Grand Prairie, our destination for the night.

Ready to ride down Hwy 40 to Grande Cache then onto Jasper

We woke the next morning and heard of a free breakfast some of Angela’s relatives were having a camp out and reunion so we popped by for a free breakfast. Happily there were some motorcyclists there and we got some good riding info from them.
Leaving Grand Prairie we headed west to Beaverlodge where we took a few pictures of the biggest beaver we have ever seen. Back tracked a little through Grand Prairie and headed south on the absolute fantastic highway 40. The trees, the foothills of the Rockies, long sweeping turns, fresh scents of pine took us past the coal mine and into the town of Grande Cache. We stopped here, fueled up-with food and gas and continued south on highway 40 towards Hinton, the scenery on this part of the highway is beautiful but the road is in desperate need of repair…washboard and frost heaves took its toll on this stretch and we were happy to get to Hinton and highway 16. We headed west looking into the face of the Canadian Rockies and enjoyed the beautiful ride into Jasper. The traffic was much heavier but the scenery, the animals and the temperature more than made up for it. We arrived at our room for the night and were happy to see some friends had beat us there and had a couple cold ones ready for us, after a couple drinks we walked uptown had dinner and came back to the room for an early night.

Highway 93, Columbia Icefields, Saskatchewan River Crossing

We woke early with anticipation of the ride ahead of us. Highway 93 is an absolutely unbelievable ride, probably one of the nicest in North America. We quickly ate breakfast hopped our bikes and started soaking up the miles as the bright warm sun beat down on us. The Columbia Icefields parkway is extra sensory overload, you have to be careful as you ride many corners to find another view come into focus that just takes your breath away. The Rocky Mountains are intimidating as they are beautiful; we stopped at Sunwapta falls and took in the beauty of the cool water. Continuing on to the Athabasca glacier, this glacier is massive and if you have the time you can take a ride on a specially designed bus that takes you on the glacier, you must do it!
We stopped here for a few photos and continued riding down to the Saskatchewan River Crossing where we met up here with a few more friends, we had a bite to eat, filled up with gas and headed east on highway 11. We passed the impressive blue Abraham Lake, you can’t help looking into the rear-view mirror as you watch the mighty Rockies.

Making our way home, the long way

We continued past Nordegg and pulled into Rocky Mountain House, filled up our fuel tanks, said good bye to a couple friends and made our way home. The scenery is unique, changes every day with the weather and we were so happy we had hot sunshine the whole weekend.

Next Week On The Backroads with Ride Stop N Go

We ride over to the North East Part of Alberta, head as far north as a rode can take us in the winter time anyway. We have a quick tour of Fort McMurray, enjoy a quiet Saturday afternoon ride down Hwy 63 to Howlin’ Coyote Biker Bash! We saw many different things this time… can’t wait for you to see what North Eastern Alberta has to offer. November 11th at 8pm MST… What a great day to have our show aired on, we are so thankful to the men and women who served us and allowed us the “FREEDOM” to do what we love! From the bottom of our hearts, We Will Never Forget.

Troy & Angela, humbled and grateful!

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