Motorcycle Ride Alaska

S2 E4 Riding Around Alaska, Making our way home.

Our journey continues riding around Alaska, so many things to see and do, longest day of the year was very cool to spend in Anchorage. We rode a lot of miles and had only a couple rainy days the whole trip. We hope watching these shows that you will take the time and ride there one day too!

S2 E3: Riding our Motorcycles to Alaska

How could we NOT ride to Alaska, hearing so much about the beauty we couldn't wait any longer. 4 friends venture off to discover what the journey is all about… peace tranquil and a few good laughs!
Motorcycle Mexico Riders

S2 E1: “Riding our Motorcycles Down to Mexico”

FINALLY!!!! Season 2 Episode 1 Riding our Motorcycles down to Mexico is here!! Airing before Super Bowl Sunday at 2:00pm (MST) on Shaw TV Channel 10, our website and YouTube Season 2 continues with 5 more shows featuring our 2013 M*A*S Tour.
Motorcycle Mexico Riders

Ride to Mexico on Motorcycles

Enjoy a sneak peak of our Ride to Mexico on Motorcycles, we give you a tease of one of the most amazing rides we have been on so far. It is safe, great roads, great food and lots of tequila at the end of the day!

Alberta Flood gets Support from Local Motorcycle Riders

Alberta flood gets support from local riders, this is one of the ways we can help out. Many of us riders have been volunteering already, we love to ride and thought it would be a fun way to raise money for the Alberta Flood Relief!
Motorcycle Mexico Riders

Motorcycle Ride Up Mexico to the States

Hard to believe we are heading back up the Mexican Highway on our motorcycles, 4 days of riding and we will be back on US soil. To our surprise the views were totally different than riding our motorcycles down, we stopped at a few different places to stay and eat. Enjoy our motorcycle ride home, well yes we sure did!
Motorcycle Mexico Riders

Crossing Mexican Border at Tijuana on our Motorcycles

Our 1st of many videos riding our motorcycles down to Mexico, crossing at the Tijuana border. Lots of stories from the riders already and we are only 15 mins into the ride. New border crossing at Tijuana, friendly officers, great views and one scary mishap!
Motorcycle Mexico Riders

Riding our Motorcycles in Mexico

We are very excited to ride our motorcycles in Mexico, to spend a week in Cabo san Lucas to relax, party, site see and take in a 300km day ride with a guide from Harley Davidson los Cabos. We did it up right in the week we stayed in Cabo, met a lot of great people, saw dolphins, whales and things only you see in Mexico.