2014 BS Tour

We love when we begin our new tour, 2014 BS Tour is going to be so epic, riding around beautiful British Columbia, man we will need many SD Cards storing all the pictutres/videos. August we make our way to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally with just a few hundred thousand other riders!!

Motorcycle Riding in Alberta, 4 cool things to see

Too many things to list to see and do while riding in Alberta, here are 4 cool attractions to start with. If you have been to a cool place in Alberta that you think should be added to this list, let us know!

Top 3 Rides in Alberta… Want to know why they are?

Want to know the best voted motorcycle rides in Alberta? We asked several Albertans and they told us what rides they love to do, for day and weekend trips. Find out where others are riding, and why they say it is their favorite.

The Roads in Canada are Pretty Damn Good. Riding them is proof!

If you have never been to Canada to ride your motorcycle or just haven't traveled to the other side of Canada, you will want to know what the roads are like. From the Trans-Canada Highway, to the secondary paved roads to the off the beaten gravel road, an overview of what you will need to know.

10 Tips for Hassle Free Border Crossing into Canada

Follow these 10 Tips for Hassle Free Border Crossing into Canada on your Motorcycle, you will have a greater chance for a quick and painless entry. Canadian Custom Agents are generally friendly and accommodating as long you are straightforward with them, keep in mind, they are human just like you and I.
Motorcycle Mexico Riders

New Season On the Backroads with Ride Stop N Go is here

We are very excited to begin season 2 of On the Backroads with Ride Stop N Go, we have 6 new shows that feature Mexico, Alaska, Sturgis and Alberta. We hope you enjoy them enough it makes you want to plan your next ride to somewhere new and with less snow!! We love to hear from you and hope to ride with you one day too!

What are the Roads in Mexico like?

The biggest question we had about our ride down the Baja was What Are the Roads in Mexico like? What we did hear was not the greatest news but for the most part it was hard to find information about the roads in Mexico. This is our take on the roads, after you watch this you will want to start planning your trip down the Baja.
Motorcycle Tour

Motorcycle TV show airs across Alberta on Shaw TV

Motorcycling the backroads of Alberta was a lot of fun, we are humbled by the great comments and feedback from everyone, riders or non riders. We hope you can take time this summer and ride one or many of the...