Motorcycle Ride Alaska

S2 E4 Riding Around Alaska, Making our way home.

Our journey continues riding around Alaska, so many things to see and do, longest day of the year was very cool to spend in Anchorage. We rode a lot of miles and had only a couple rainy days the whole trip. We hope watching these shows that you will take the time and ride there one day too!
Motorcycling down to Mexico

S2 E2: Riding Motorcycles around the Baja

Season 2 Episode 2 Riding our Motorcycles around the Baja & back up to California we take you on a ride with a local rider, become a tourist for a day and pack up our motorcycles to head north towards home. You can watch it on Shaw TV Channel 10, our website and YouTube Season 2 continues featuring our 2013 M*A*S Tour.

What are the Roads in Mexico like?

The biggest question we had about our ride down the Baja was What Are the Roads in Mexico like? What we did hear was not the greatest news but for the most part it was hard to find information about the roads in Mexico. This is our take on the roads, after you watch this you will want to start planning your trip down the Baja.
Motorcycle Mexico Riders

Motorcycle Ride Up Mexico to the States

Hard to believe we are heading back up the Mexican Highway on our motorcycles, 4 days of riding and we will be back on US soil. To our surprise the views were totally different than riding our motorcycles down, we stopped at a few different places to stay and eat. Enjoy our motorcycle ride home, well yes we sure did!
Motorcycle Mexico Riders

Riding our Motorcycles in Mexico

We are very excited to ride our motorcycles in Mexico, to spend a week in Cabo san Lucas to relax, party, site see and take in a 300km day ride with a guide from Harley Davidson los Cabos. We did it up right in the week we stayed in Cabo, met a lot of great people, saw dolphins, whales and things only you see in Mexico.
Motorcycling down to Mexico

Motorcycling down to Mexico

This is what we have been waiting for, riding our motorcycles down the Mexican Highway to Cabo. We took 4 days to ride through all the amazing views Mexico has to offer, we were all surprised at the diversity of terrain. Mexican roads were in great shape, we took our time, were safe and pretty sure everyone had smiles on their faces the whole trip. Our biggest relief was how safe it is to ride our motorcycles in Mexico!

Motorcycle Trip to Mexico, a couple stops in USA

We planned it and we did it! 9 riders, 8 motorcycles left Vegas on March 16th, we took our time and rode around many roads we have not rode on, through Pahrump, Death Valley, Furnace Creek, Ridgecrest, Temecula, Ocean City and into San Diego where we prepped for crossing the Mexican Border at Tijuana. We are having a blast!!!
Motorcycle Tour

Motorcycle TV show airs across Alberta on Shaw TV

Motorcycling the backroads of Alberta was a lot of fun, we are humbled by the great comments and feedback from everyone, riders or non riders. We hope you can take time this summer and ride one or many of the...