What Happens at the Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally…

We’ve heard a lot of crazy things about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and we have even saw a lot of bizarre things over the years. We will share some of the Need to Know things about planning a trip to Sturgis South Dakota, the World’s Largest Motorcycle Rally.

Whether you are riding to Sturgis SD yourself or with a group of buddies, whether this is your 1st time or your 50th time, there is something for everyone. Check out the day rides, the nightly concerts, the bizarre afternoon entertainment, the stunt bikes or mud wrestling and best of all wandering around the streets taking in all the vendors and people watching.

Watch the video! Get a sneak peek of Sturgis

map of trip to sturgis

Sturgis SD things you need to know

  • Safety: Is it safe to ride around Sturgis? Is it safe to walk around town at night?
  • Accommodations: Are you a tenter? RV’r? Cabin?House?
  • Concerts: Big names from past and present, Non-stop Rock!
  • Charity Rides: Legends Ride, Biker Belles Ride, Mayor’s Ride
  • Bars & Pubs: Big or small there is a place for everyone to hang out
  • Bikes: From Custom Bikes to Old School Bikes, you will see it all!
  • Babes: From Beautiful to Wild and everything in between, you will see it all!
  • Vendors: Looking for a widget or T-shirt? You will find it here!

Riding to the Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

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Sturgis Buffalo Chip Crowd 1200

Bikes Babes & Bizarre People

gunners girls having fun
Obviously Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is about the Bikes… People haul their custom bikes, old school bikes, to be put on display and many of the bikes can be seen awkwardly riding on main street. It is only natural that there are a few babes at the rally, some of these babes come from all over the USA to work the rally and put them through a year of school, others show up for our viewing pleasure and disbelief! Between the Bikes and the Babes you could be speechless a lot but you will go home with many bizarre photos!

We sat with a couple waitresses from Gunners, it was just after their shift and they were cashing out, we were speechless with their stories, tricks and personalities!

Be sure to check out the bike displays, the stunt riders, the wet T-shirt contests… don’t be shy:

  • Sturgis Hill Climb
  • Sturgis Dirt Track Races
  • Sturgis Museum
  • Sturgis Community Centre
  • Hall of Fame

Get out and take in all the crazy things Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has to offer!

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While riding around Sturgis on our motorcycles we use the GoPro Camera, attached to our helmets, fenders and mirrors. It is so easy to use and has amazing quality, I highly recommend this product.

Is Sturgis Safe in the day or night?

signs posted at some bars in sturgisA common question we get asked is how Safe is Sturgis? Is it safe to ride at night? Are our bikes safe when parked on Main Street? Yes it is safe, use your common sense and be responsible, no different than at home, when you are a dumbass, shit can happen!

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
With over 500,000 people coming and going during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the odds are that some shit can happen. Our thought is if you go looking for it, you will find it, day or night.
Police on every corner
Police Officers are brought in from all over the USA to patrol the streets of Sturgis. For the most part they don’t bother anyone, they are there to keep people safe, they are friendly and know that most people are there to let their hair down, all innocent fun.

Where to Stay while in Sturgis

places to stay in sturgis

Depending on your budget and your adventure side for accommodations you will find a place to lay your head down or pass out, which ever is first. Residents of Sturgis (population is just over 6600 people outside of the Motorcycle Rally week) open up their homes, their yards to riders for a rate that is fair.

Places to stay in and around Sturgis – There are quite a few places to stay right in Sturgis, there are campgrounds that are a few miles away, and towns like Deadwood, Rapid City that have more hotel choices a few more miles away.

The bigger more popular campgrounds are set up to party all week with concerts, entertainment, pools, biker rodeos, and so much more. There are quieter campgrounds if the sound of motorcycles revving all night long is not your thing.
All fun & games… be responsible and don’t ride drunk and become a statistic There are shuttle buses that take you to and from town out to The Legendary Buffalo Chip, Full Throttle Saloon, The Broken Spoke and many more wild & crazy places to go.

Finding places to stay during Sturgis Rally

Biker friendly motels in sturgis

a review of sturgis RV Park

Sturgis RV Park

Distance to Downtown Sturgis: 2 blocks
Types of Lodging: RV, Tent, Cabin
Phone: (888)878-9971
Website: Sturgis RV Park

our rating: 4 / 5

* Book Early to get a spot

  • New Cabins, sleeps 6, A/C, electrical plug ins, mirrors, mini fridge
  • Very clean, Pride of ownership is shown here
  • Bathrooms close to cabin/tent area always clean. Showers are very clean.
  • Laundry service on site, in each men and women’s washrooms.
  • Food Truck, convenience store, wash bay, bar & nightly entertainment
  • Shuttle Bus to Downtown

Review: Legendary Buffalo Chip Sturgis

The Legendary Buffalo Chip

Distance to downtown Sturgis: 4 miles
Types of Lodging: RV, Tent, Cabin
Phone: (605)347-9000
Website: Buffalo Chip

our rating: 3.5 / 5

* Book Early to Secure a Spot

  • Largest Campground with variety of choices
  • Clean, hard to keep up at times with all the people
  • Lots of food vendor options
  • Biggest Concerts are here
  • Laundromats on site

review of super 8 deadwood sd

Super 8 in Deadwood SD

Distance to downtown Sturgis: 21 miles
Type of Lodging: Hotel Room
Phone: (605) 578-2535
Website: Super 8 Deadwood

our rating: 3 / 5

* Rates go way up in price during Sturgis

  • Rooms are good, typical Super 8.
  • Clean
  • Restaurant & Casino attached to hotel
  • Bike Wash out back
  • Pool and hot tub
  • Free Wifi close to lobby

What is it like to Party with 500,000 riders in Sturgis

signs posted at some bars in sturgis
Well not that you are always partying with 500,000 people but at any given time you will be surrounded thousands and thousands of riders from all over the world. We asked a few riders this exact question and this is what they had to say.

  • “it is just a great time, Love all the different people”
  • “we come every year, haven’t missed one in 27 years”
  • “we are a bit overwhelmed with everything, it’s our first time here”
  • “you just never know what you will see or who you will meet”
  • “not a good place to bring the family, well unless they are over 21yrs old”
  • “eat, drink, party, try to get some sleep cause tomorrow we get to do it over again”

There’s a few more details we’d like to share, so have a look at our post about all the concerts and night life.

Charity Rides in the Black Hills

 biker belles ride sturgis
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally started back in 1938, it was all about hill climbing, racing and stunt riders, over the years it has grown into the Largest Motorcycle Rally in the world. The Motorcycle Community has also grown exponentially and a big part of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally are the Charity Rides, 1000’s of 1000’s of riders sign up to do these rides to raise money for pre-selected charities.

  • The Legends Ride
  • The Biker Belles Ride
  • The Mayors Ride
  • The Pappy Hoel Motor Ride
  • Freedom Celebration Ride
  • BozBros Benefit Ride

read about Charity Rides during Sturgis Rally

Day rides around Sturgis and the Black Hills

 Sturgis Day rides
The Black Hills have so many day rides that you have to do, there is no shortage of riding that is for sure. Hop on your bike and head out to Crazy Horse Memorial and stop at Hill City, take the Needles Highway, all the twists, turns, and tunnels are a must do ride. The Spearfish Canyon is super nice, always a favorite spot, take the super road out to Rochford where you can experience small town hospitality, and $2 beers!

Day Rides around Sturgis

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  • Exhaust System
  • Windshields from Klock Werks
  • LED Lighting
  • Chrome

Vendors, Souvenirs, Something for Everyone

Whether you are looking for the smallest weirdest handy dandy accessory for your motorcycle or wanting new Vance & Hines Exhaust installed on your ride, you want to buy some T-shirts for your buddies or get yourself a tattoo, this is the best place to do it.

read about adding accessories

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