Province - State: Montana

Highways Taken:
Highway 93 South to Roosville border crossing. Continue south on 93 to Highway 37. Take Highway 37 south until you get to the Koocanusa bridge. Cross the lake on the bridge and turn right on NF 92. Go north on NF 92 until it forks to the left. Continue on the left where the sign says Yaak. Follow the road all the way to Yaak. It sounds complicated but it's the only paved road so you can't get lost. It's pretty well maintained although there is the occasional pothole and very curvy with lots of steep hills and spectacular scenery. There is very little traffic, it's like having a national park to yourself. The curves are well marked for speed and when the curve says 25 MPH, they mean it! It's an unbelievable ride and no one knows about it although it is going to be designated a scenic byway from what I understand sometime in the ride it before that happens.

Yaak consists of two bars and a mercantile store. The Bars are The Dirty Shame Saloon and the Yaak River Tavern. Both are motorcycle friendly as the road is well known to motorcyclists in our area and getting more well known as word gets out about it. Both places have a lot of local flavor. There's good food at the Yaak River Tavern and a lot of weekends they have live music outdoors. The locals are friendly and fun to talk to. The tavern also rents out little cabins in the woods. They don't have running water but they are comfy and the beds are comfortable. They rented for $50.00 per night last summer and it's fun to party at the bars and be able to walk up to the cabin. There's another motel down the road called the Yaak River Resort. We've never stayed there but it looks nice. There are motels in Troy and Libby as well but we always stay in the little cabins in Yaak. Make a reservation if you're interested in staying there.

Favorite Restaurant / Pub / Place to stop?:
The Yaak River Tavern has good food, and the Dirty Shame Saloon has pool tables and a lot of local flavor! The area is super quiet but the bars are fun. The road is a blast to ride with all of its twists and turns and the scenery is fantastic.

Fuel readily available?:
There is gas available in Yaak but it's pretty pricey. I fill up in Rexford if I go that way or in Troy if I go that route.

Road conditions: Average

Hazards: Animals

Scenery: Get your camera ready!

How many years have you been riding?: 5-15 yrs

Services: Gas Available, Restrooms, Clothing/Accessories

Overall: Must Do!

Please add anymore information to share with riders that weve not asked you already:
This is one of the best kept secrets for rides. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was and the road is a motorcyclists dream with lots of curves and hills. It's a must do before it becomes a scenic byway which will increase traffic.

If you'd like further info feel free to contact me on Facebook. Greg Jacobson in Polson Montana.

Yaak River Ride
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