Province - State: Newfoundland

Highways Taken:
We left from Bishop Falls on the #1 and traveled up the 340, then on to the 331, 330 and the 320 ending in Gambo

We did not spend the night on this loop but we did notice a few bed and breakfast along the way as well as some small motels..

Favorite Restaurant / Pub / Place to stop?:
We ate at Chelsea's Fish and Chips, just outside of was a food truck beside the highway and was fantastic, and reasonably priced

Fuel readily available?:
There was fuel available at most small town bu some did not carry premium..

Road conditions: Average

Hazards: Minimal

Scenery: Get your camera ready!

How many years have you been riding?: 15+ yrs

Services: Gas Available, Restrooms

Overall: Great

Please add anymore information to share with riders that weve not asked you already:
There is a lot of Iceburgs in this area and may have the biggest concentration in the world..Great pic opportunitys

The Gander Loop NFLD
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