Province - State: British Columbia

Highways Taken:
Highway 1 south of Cache Creek, until you reach Hope, take the Hwy 7 into Harrison Hot Springs. It may only be 230km in distance but you will need a full day to ride it. So much to see, traffic is lighter as very few tractor trailers on are this road.

We didn't stay overnight in Cache Creek, there are 9 hotels in the town. There are a lot of places to stay at Harrison Hot Springs, pricey but it is a tourist place. We stayed with family so do not have a hotel that we can recommend from our experience.

Favorite Restaurant / Pub / Place to stop?:
In Cache Creek we ate at Herbies Drive-in... AMAZING food! Burgers, fish and chips, the ice cream and milk shakes... Mmmmm
In Harrison we ate on the patio at a German restaurant, the Black Forest, food was good, view was great.
Lots of places to choose from at Harrison Hot Springs.

Fuel readily available?:
Yes lots of places for fuel.

Road conditions: Great

Hazards: Minimal

Scenery: Get your camera ready!

How many years have you been riding?: 2-4 yrs

Services: Gas Available, Repair shop, Restrooms

Overall: Must Do!

Please add anymore information to share with riders that weve not asked you already:
Even though it is the Trans Canada Hwy 1, it is used as a secondary road, less traveled road, so many places to stop and take pictures. Love riding along the rivers, all those windy roads.

Scenic Fraser Canyon, Cache Creek to Harrison Hot Springs
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