Province - State: British Columbia

Highways Taken:
Highway 4A from Parksville to Coombs, then Highway 4 up to Tofino

Parksville we stayed at the Quality Resort right on the water. Motorcycle parking up front under awning. Great restaurant, pub and patio attached, also has a liquor store on site. Any hotel on the island are pricey but the views are amazing.
Lots of places to stay in Tofino, depending on what you are looking for, we stayed at Mackenzie Beach Resort, mainly because it was right on the water and we could watch the sunset. Had our own Cabin, queen bed, bathroom, mini kitchenette and private deck. Gravel parking lot but in good condition, pool and hot tub on site.

Favorite Restaurant / Pub / Place to stop?:
We ate at Sea Shanty Restaurant, mainly because it faces the water, the views are super, the food was really good and the waitress was fun/friendly. They have a patio to sit out on if you are having just drinks (well that was the new rule summer of 2014). Lots of places to eat in Tofino.

Fuel readily available?:
It is only 175km from Parksville to Tofino, but there are fuel stations along the way as well.

Road conditions: Great

Hazards: Congestion, Minimal

Scenery: Get your camera ready!

How many years have you been riding?: 5-15 yrs

Services: Gas Available

Overall: Must Do!

Please add anymore information to share with riders that weve not asked you already:
Depending on the time of day you may find yourself all alone on Highway 4, setting your own pace, OR you may be stuck behind traffic all the way. We rode just before dusk and we had the road to ourselves, heading back the next day mid day and we were slow going with lots of traffic.

Parksville to Tofino on Hwy 4
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