Province - State: Prince Edward Island

Highways Taken:
There were numerous highways we took to get to Tyne Valley, although we traveled on Highway 6 quite a bit as well as highway 12.

We stayed at a bed and breakfast just outside of Vernon Bridge (east of Charlottetown )called The Purple Bike bed and breakfast. The beds were comfortable, it was clean and the food was great..Not to mention Astrid, the owner and operator as well as a rider was great to talk to..A very neat place and recommend it. reasonable at $70..

Favorite Restaurant / Pub / Place to stop?:
One of the great places we ate at was at the Landing Oyster Bar in Tyne Valley...fresh oysters and mussels, great service, great atmosphere and they love motorcyclists... And the only place you can get a T-shirt..a place we will not forget

Fuel readily available?:
There was fuel readily available all over PEI

Road conditions: Average

Hazards: Minimal

Scenery: Get your camera ready!

How many years have you been riding?: 15+ yrs

Services: Gas Available, Repair shop, Restrooms, Clothing/Accessories

Overall: Great

Please add anymore information to share with riders that weve not asked you already:
This is a fantastic ride that takes you through all that PEI has to offer. Rustico, Cavendish, Red sandy beaches, fields of Potatoes, great people, an all around great ride that will not be forgotten. ..

Charlottetown to Tyne Valley..The long way
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