Province - State: Montana

Highways Taken:
The "Going to the sun" road can be accessed from the west on US highway 2 (west glacier) or from the east on US highway 89. I recommend doing it in both directions. The road is only about 50 miles long, but will take 2-3 hours. It was literally carved into the side of some mountains. There are no large RVs allowed, but traffic can be heavy during the busy season. I suggest going very early in the day (the light is better anyhow). This ride is spectacular, to say the least. This road has been called the 8th wonder of the world. I would even argue it rivals the Grand Canyon on some levels.

I stayed in East Glacier, at the Dancing Bear Inn. The Inn is basic, but clean, quiet, and safe. Parking was right in front of my door. The parking is gravel, so a little squirrelly for a heavily loaded bike, but no issues. The rates are moderate ($105.00US).
To note, if you head south to East Glacier from the exit of the park, you will be on HWY 89. You then will then branch onto MT49 (looking glass road) to East Glacier. This road is a jewel in itself, with beautiful views, and lots of twisties. Do watch for cattle on the road!

Favorite Restaurant / Pub / Place to stop?:
I had a great supper at an eatery right across the road from the Inn. It is called "Luna's". Good food, log cabin atmosphere, and very friendly staff. The Huckleberry pie is worth gaining a pound or two.
My experience dictated that I return for breakfast, which I did. If you have the pancakes, DO NOT take three, unless you are in the habit of attending food eating competitions. One is plenty (you can order 1,2 or 3). This motel is on the Blackfoot Indian reservation, and has a very positive feel to it.

Fuel readily available?:
Fuel is available nearby. No fuel on the "going to the sun road", so make sure you fill up before entering.

Road conditions: Great

Hazards: Animals, Congestion

Scenery: Get your camera ready!

How many years have you been riding?: 15+ yrs

Services: Restrooms

Overall: Must Do!

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This ride is truly a bucket list item. I suggest doing it for the ride once, and then again with your camera at the ready. You will find yourself stopping at every turn, which makes you a tourist, not a rider. It is not a place to speed, by any stretch (nor would you want to), but knowing you will stop and shoot photos every 500 meters means you approach the ride differently.

Going to the Sun
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