Episode 1:Riding Down the Baja to Cabo

In Season 2 Episode 1 “Riding our Motorcycles Down to Mexico”, we take you on a journey as 8 Canadian friends make our way from Las Vegas NV through San Diego and then crossing the border into Mexico. We take you down the coast all the way to Lands End in Cabo San Lucas. Spend some time with us and find out what it’s like to spend a couple weeks riding in Mexico, on 2 wheels with very little Spanish speaking skills.

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Two Passionate Motorcyclists Riding Down to Mexico, Up to Alaska & Over to Sturgis

Episode 2: Riding Around the Baja

Riding our Motorcycles Around the Baja and back up to California, we are very glad to have our own personal motorcycle tour guide (Wild Bill from Harley Davidson of Cabo) to take us for a beautiful 400km day ride, to a few local places that we never would have rode to. We become tourists for a day or two, ate some local cuisine, did some laundry then packed up to head back home. We took 4 days to ride back up the Baja to San Diego, to our surprise the ride and the views were totally different then the ride down. We stopped at 3 different motels on the way back up, and enjoyed our favourite place to stay in El Rosario, Baja Cactus!

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Episode 3: Riding Up to Alaska

Riding our Motorcycles to Alaska has been a big dream and goal for us and thankfully 2 great Victory rider friends mentioned it a while back. We are closer to Alaska than any of the United States and there is no reason why we or you, can’t ride there and back in a few weeks.

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Episode 4: Riding Around Alaska and Head Back Home

we arrive in Anchorage for the longest day of the year was part of our BIKE-IT List, we can check that off now! 24 hours of daylight!! WOW! Riding out on the Homer Spit was absolutely fantastic, seeing several Bald Eagles was pretty cool for us too! We put on a lot of miles on this trip, over 9000km by the time we reached home, Calgary Alberta, the last few days were spent reflecting on the super time we all had.

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Episode 5: Riding to the 73rd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

We ride our motorcycles to the 73rd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally from Calgary Alberta. Just over 2000km we ride all the way in 2 1/2 days, arriving in Sturgis South Dakota with 1000′s and 1000′s of other riders. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the biggest motorcycle rally in North America, over 500,000 riders come and go all week.

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Episode 6: Riding Around Alberta

We are Riding in Alberta on Motorcycles, showcasing the 10 Great Alberta Burgers, 10 Great Alberta Rides Map. If you haven’t got one of these very cool maps let us know, whether you live in Alberta or will be riding in Alberta very soon, you have to check out 1 if not all 10 of these great burger rides.

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Season 3: BS TOUR 2014

First off the BS does in some degree stand for Bull Shit, referencing the long season of winter and being totally fed up with it! We did spend the Canadian riding season in Alberta and British Columbia with our usual trip to Sturgis, Season 3 will feature Alberta and British Columbia in our regular TV series way with an added bonus of Sturgis shows coming to you later with no filters, shorter videos and pumping you up to ride there!

Season 3 airing Feb 2015

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