Western Canada Motorcycle Tour

Exploring Alberta

Leaving Calgary, spending the first 3 days riding around Alberta, through the badlands, up to Jasper and back down into British Columbia. These 3 days you will experience many different landscapes and views, city to rural, hoo doos’ to ice fields, great roads to get yourself comfortable for the next few amazing days.

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Experience British Columbia

Riding into Beautiful British Columbia you will be in the awe of the magnificent mountains, the rolling rivers and the scenery in every direction. Leaving the mountains and heading interior to ride around the lakes and experience the peaceful and serene Kootenay area, where we will spend a couple days to take it all in.

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This tour is designed to show you the best of Western Canada, a home grown motorcycle experience that you will talk about the rest of the year.

On this Western Canada Motorcycle Tour you will feel right at home, exploring where the “locals” hang out as well as seeing the “must see” tourist attractions.

We believe in supporting local businesses as much as possible, riders supporting riders.

On this 8-day motorcycle tour we will cover over 2500 kilometers, the days are balanced with riding, stopping for picture opportunities, meals and refreshments throughout the days. While we stop at motorcycle-friendly places, there will also be some “tourist” stops, places that if you have never been to Western Canada before you MUST see.

What IS included in the Tour

  • Guiding Service
  • Accommodations
  • Shuttle Service
  • Complimentary Hotel Breakfast – where available
  • Dinners at Nakusp & Longview
  • Park Passes for National Parks
  • Fuel & Oil
  • Ferry Fees
  • No Sales Tax
  • Welcome and Farewell Event

What is NOT included

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Breakfast, Lunch & dinner, Beverages/Alcoholic Beverages
  • Gratuity
  • Souvenirs

Motorcycle Rentals are Available for Additional Fee

Leaving Calgary, riding through the Badlands and making our way to one of Western Canada’s most beautiful places, Jasper.
Highway 93 will put a smile on your face all the way as we cross into British Columbia and just when you think you have seen the best of Western Canada, think again.
Some of “THEE” best roads to ride are in this neck of the woods, they are so good we are spending 2 nights here to take it all in.
We will meander our way through many lakeside roads, twists and turn to ride back into Alberta, the views will not disappoint as we make our way back to Calgary but first;
Our last night is spent at the Infamous Longview Twin Cities Saloon, where it is known as “THEE” motorcycle destination in Alberta.
There is a lot of history in the town of Longview and many stories all riders will be glad to share with you.
Just when you think you have seen all the amazing views, our final day we will climb Canada’s Highest Paved Pass, over 7300′ in elevation.
The weather is unpredictable as at times we have crested the pass with snow blowing but also with record-breaking high temperatures, which is all part of the fun!!

Get excited to ride the Magnificent Rocky Mountains

This is our schedule

Motorcycle Tour Western Canada Badlands
Day 1 – Calgary via Badlands to Red Deer

Approximate 400kms

A great way to start the tour, leaving the big city of Calgary heading east towards the Badlands, ride back in time to Dinosaur Land.
Riding the 11 bridges to Wayne, the population of 26 and back to Top Rocker, a Motorcycle friendly pub for lunch.
Taking the backroads, though the valley’s and hills of Central Alberta ending up in Red Deer for the night.
Breakfast & Lunch provided
Fuel Provided
Lodging Provided

Motorcycle Tour Western Canada Rocky Mountains
Day 2 – Red Deer via Cyn City to Hinton

Approximate 450kms

As motorcyclists we love touring the backroads, today we stay off the main busy highways and cruise to a local watering hole for lunch at Cyn City in Cynthia.
Bellies full and eager to head towards the Rocky Mountains, we make our way to just west of Hinton to Overland Mountain Lodge, where you will witness pure beauty.
The views are spectacular, cabins are 5* and you will want to have your camera ready for the natural beauty you are surrounded by.
Breakfast & Lunch provided
Fuel Provided
Lodging Provided

Motorcycle Tour Western Canada Highway 93
Day 3 – Hinton via Jasper to Golden, BC

Approximate 400kms
One of the most popular places to visit in Alberta is Jasper, today we are being more of a tourist than normal. Jasper is worldwide known for its Sky-Walk, Breweries, Wildlife, and the well maintained National Park. After the Sky-Walk experience, cruising down Highway 93, you will enjoy riding the speed limit as there is so much to take in on the right and the left of the road. We will be stopping at Columbia Glaciers Ice Park for a quick view of the Ice Fields, Saskatchewan River Crossing and Lake Louise, making our way into British Columbia. Riding past Kicking Horse Ski Resort, carving the mountain curves as we park at Golden BC for the night.

Fuel Provided
Lodging Provided

Motorcycle Tour Western Canada Glacier Park
Day 4 – Golden to Naskup

Approximate 250kms

Today we will ride through Glacier National Park, stopping in Revelstoke for lunch, riding along the side west of the Columbia River to the Arrow Lakes Ferry. Sit back and enjoy the show Ferry excursion across the Columbia River arriving at Riders Retreat in Nakusp where we will be spending 2 nights. Riders Retreat is a motorcycle friendly campground, but not your typical campground. You will have the best sleep in their accommodations, many riders go back year after year just for that! The bonfire, the food, the clear night star gazing and the fun times had here will be one of the most memorable times.
Dinner provided
Fuel Provided
Lodging Provided: Riders Retreat

Motorcycle Tour Western Canada Kaslo
Day 5 – Riding around Interior BC

Approximate 300kms

Today has some flexibility, choices and a lot of miles-n-smiles! If you want to sleep in, go for it. If you want to ride 100kms of twists and turns then turn around and do it the opposite way, go for it. If you want to ride the 300KM loop of the interior of BC, go for it. Want to relax in a hot springs, that is doable with any of the choices you make. Whatever you choice you will not be disappointed as Highway 6, 31 & 31A have a lot of motorcycle bliss with twists, turns, views and rivers escorting you on your journey.
Breakfast & Dinner provided
Fuel Provided
Lodging Provided

Motorcycle Tour Western Canada Kootenay
Day 6 – Naskusp to Creston

Approximate 250kms

After one of the best nights rest we head out to catch the Belfour Ferry, which crosses Kootenay Lake with a lunch stop at Kootenay Bay. Riding along side the Kootenay Lake, we make a stop at The Glass House, This unusual roadside attraction was built from over half a million discarded embalming fluid bottles. We will ride into Creston where we will stay the night, sitting around talking about British Columbia’s best Motorcycle Roads that one can never get enough of!
Breakfast provided
Fuel Provided
Lodging Provided

Motorcycle Tour Western Canada Longview Twin Cities Saloon
Day 7 – Creston to Longview, AB

Approximate 450kms

Today we leave British Columbia and head back to Alberta, riding Highway 3 will take us back into the mountains, over passes, through towns with spectacular views, golf courses, ski hills and witness the World’s Largest Titan Truck in the mining town of Sparwood. Heading north on the Cowboy Trail our end destination is THEE motorcycle destination for great food, beverages and a place where all friends meet! You will be treated to an amazing pig roast, live music and meet the locals who have lived, ranched and support the Twin Cities Saloon.
Dinner provided as this is our Farewell Party; live music & entertainment
Fuel Provided
Lodging Provided: Longview Twin Cities Saloon

Motorcycle Tour Western Canada Highwood Pass
Day 8 – Longview via Highwood Pass to Calgary

Approximate 400kms

The best way for the Western Canada Motorcycle Tour to end is by riding the infamous Highwood Pass, Canada’s highest paved mountain pass! Highway 40 is open from June 15th to Dec 1st, due to the elevation with the amount of snow that accumulates over the winter. The Highwood Pass is home to much different wildlife along with free-range cattle, it is best to be alert to watch for animals on the road at any given time. We will arrive back in Calgary just shy of 3000KMS for the Western Canada Motorcycle Tour and you will have over 3000 reasons to tell all your buddies to come join us next time.
Breakfast provided
Fuel Provided
Lodging Provided

Thank you
Angela & Clint (my much older brother)