We are doing a Motorcycle Ride to Alaska with 2 great friends, ohh the stories we will have! Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and send us a message of places we MUST stop and see!

Why are we riding to Alaska

The roads to Alaska have a little bit more information available then the roads to Mexico had, but just like Mexico we also have received mixed information about roads, lodging and fuel.  What better way to find out the information then to do a Motorcycle Ride to Alaska ourselves, document and report back what we discovered. The trip to Alaska started out as usual, sitting around with our “bike-it” list being pulled out. This time the table was smaller, but the beverages of choice were displayed and the conversation began. Mike, Trina and us talked about riding out of North America, but with work, family and the fact we need more than a couple months to save for that kind of trip, Alaska came up! The Oohhhs and Aahhhs came out of all 4 of our mouths, and even more so being in Anchorage Alaska for the Summer Solstice, 24 hours of daylight! The computers were pulled out, the map slapped down on the table and the reading glasses (for some) were placed on the old timers face (Ang is the only one not wearing glasses and yes I am writing this) and so it began our Motorcycle Ride to Alaska.

The Planners for our Motorcycle Ride to Alaska

In every couple there are differences, a balance let’s say; Troy is the map guy, the planner, the researcher, and I, Ang, am the supporter. Well Trina is the map gal, the planner, the researcher and Mike, is well the supporter. Mike and I have our duties for this planning session don’t get us wrong here, we keep the beer & coolers cold and the wine uncorked! I wish we could have captured the expressions on Troy’s & Trina’s faces as the maps were unfolded, the Alaska books pulled out and even funnier to see all the dog eared pages in The Milepost book they BOTH had bought; like kids on Christmas morning those 2 were in their glory!

Motorcycle Ride to Alaska 2

How many days do we need to ride there and back?

Eaves dropping on Troy & Trina’s planning, Mike and myself learned we have a lot to see and a lot of miles to cover. Our Motorcycle Ride to Alaska will take us to places we have never rode to before, roads we have not a lot of information on and even some places we have not heard a lot about before. It intrigued us both enough to read bits and pieces of the books, search a few things on the Internet and realize we need 3 weeks for our Motorcycle Ride to Alaska, to get there and back with out being rushed. It will be just over 8400km, we will be staying in 18 different lodging places and thanks to the 2 expert planners I am happy to say NO TENTING!

Where are we going to you ask???

A weekend of planning, a few phone calls and emails and we have our trip figured out as to where we will be stopping each night, fuel stops planned out (if they still exist, as we have heard stations can be closed from one year to the next).

    • Day 1:we leave Red Deer Alberta June 9th bright and early (anyone who knows Ang, it will be way too early for her) we head North West towards Whitecourt Alberta for lunch with friends and carry on to Fort St John British Columbia, over 800km.
    • Day 2: will be almost as long of a day, over 600km to Liard Hot Springs British Columbia, we have pre-booked here, as we have been told it is difficult to get a room. Funny thing about here was we tried to book 3 months ago, they said that was too far in advance so call back a month or so before we want to arrive LOL!
    • Day 3:will take us to Teslin Yukon
    • Day 4:will take us to Whitehorse Yukon,
    • Day 5-6:we continue on in the Yukon to Dawson City, Yukon. We are looking forward to this stop as we have heard soooo much about Dawson City, so much we are spending 2 nights here!!
    • Day 7:from Dawson City, Yukon we head to Chicken Alaska where they tell us it is a gravel road… this will be interesting!!! YIKES!! This road is also known as TOP OF THE WORLD HIGHWAY, truly a place you feel like you can see the whole world! Looking forward to capturing it on film and in our memories of a trip of a lifetime! We arrive in Tok Alaska after the gravel TOP OF THE WORLD road.
    • Day 8-9:we stop in Fairbanks Alaska,with so much to see and do we are here for 2 nights but the anticipation of being in Alaska for the summer solstice it very exciting!
    • Day 10-13:we will spend a couple days in and around Anchorage Alaska, partaking in their festivities, heading down to Homer Alaska to meet the only 2 school teachers who we met in Cabo San Lucas Mexico back at Christmas 2012.  Cooper Landing Alaska is a short 200km ride from Homer Alaska where we will stay before heading back to Anchorage Alaska, where we will sit around and reminisce of all the beauty we have saw, the people we have met and the stories we will share.
    • Day 14-15:we leave Anchorage Alaska and start heading back home, bitter sweet as always, we end up back at Tok, Alaska for the night and make our way to Haines Junction, Yukon the next day.
    • Day 16:this day we are in for a treat as we take a ferry from Haines Alaska over to Skagway Alaska, which is where we will be staying for the night.
    • Day 17:we leave Alaska and cross back on to Canadian Soil, to the Yukon and put on about 400km to get us to Rancheria Yukon to lay our heads down or lay out under the stars reflecting on some amazing scenery!
    • Day 18-19:we ride in and out of British Columbia and Alaska, we leave Dease Lake British Columbia over to Hyder Alaska,
    • Day 20:we leave Hyder Alaska, our last time in Alaska and ride over to Vanderhoof British Columbia for our 3rd last night of being on the road.
    • Day 21:we leave Vanderhoof British Columbia as Jasper  Alberta welcomes us for our final night on the road, the last couple days of our trip of a lifetime are coming to an end but what makes it better, it is one of our favorite roads in Alberta to ride home on
    • Day 22 brings us home sweet home.

Map of Alaska

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