What It’s Really Like to Ride Your Motorcycle In Newfoundland

Newfoundland, also nicknamed “The Rock”, is a large island on the east coast of Canada, where the sun rises first with plenty see & do the rest of the day.

Newfoundland has so much to explore as it is the OLDEST city in North America, so much history to soak up, along with many beautiful scenic roads to ride, there is something for everyone on 2 wheels to experience.

map of Newfoundland

Ride Details

  • Speed Limits & Laws Find out about NF Laws, more than just speed limits
  • Border Crossing: Where to cross into Newfoundland from the USA
  • NF Roads: What are the roads really like?
  • Biker Friendly Accommodation: What sort of options are there for clean cheap motels?
  • Must Do Rides: With its large land mass there are quite a few rides to enjoy
  • Riding Conditions Different views through out the province
  • Attractions Outdoors adventures await

Top Rides in Newfoundland

Trout River

Beautiful ride with lots of twistys great food at end. New pavement. Very fun ride.

The Gander Loop NFLD

We loved Newfoundland, the people, the scenery, the icebergs were fantastic..you will be rewarded..

Planning a Ride to Newfoundland?

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Riding around Newfoundland

Riding Conditions in the 5 areas of Newfoundland

Riding in Newfoundland you will experience scenic rural communities, unspoiled natural beauty and amazing food, each region has lots to offer.

NFLD has 5 regions, each of them having their own beauty and uniqueness to them.
riding conditions in NF

A stunning peninsula that you can watch iceberg drift, whales play and visit St. John’s
Scenic riding trails and sweeping coastal landscapes
The heart of Newfoundland, exploring on 2 wheels or in a boat, you will be in awe
A 750km sliver of land home to the International Appalachian Trail

Good Information for Riding in Newfoundland

While riding in Newfoundland you will find that it is a safe place to ride, the people are extremely friendly, and love to see motorcyclists exploring their province.

Driver’s License/Insurance – Newfoundland promotes Motorcycle Awareness all year. You must have valid insurance to ride in NF, along with a valid drivers license.

Once you are in Newfoundland there are fuel stations to gas up at, buy snacks and have air available, but do pay attention to where you are going as you may have longer stretches of road without fuel stops. The Price of fuel is in Litres, gas stations sell snacks and hot food, the drinking age is 19 in Newfoundland.

What Are Newfoundland Roads Like?

roads in NF
With Newfoundland having a land mass of over 111,000 square kilometres and with a population of 480,000 (2006 stats),in the whole province, maintaining every road to it’s highest potential is not doable.The Trans-Canada Highway (Route 1) is the main highway, all highways off Route 1 are paved, with a few short and well-maintained gravel side roads in more remote areas as well as most coastal roads are paved.

Newfoundland Laws

DOT Approved Helmet
It is the law for riders and passengers to wear a DOT approved helmet, you must have a valid driver’s license and insurance is also mandatory. Safety is important while riding, being alert and aware of your surroundings is key to a fun safe ride, signage is very good in most areas.
Construction Zone
Spring, Summer and Fall there is a lot of construction to rebuild all these millions of kilometres of roads, it is the law to slow down to the posted speed limit through a construction zone, fines are STEEP!
Passing Emergency Vehicles
At any time you pass an emergency vehicle (Police, Ambulance, Tow Truck, etc) on the shoulder of the road or in a lane, it is the law to slow down to 70km/hr


Wildlife in Newfoundland

Any of these animals that you see along your ride are magnificent and we all know not to get close to these animals, feed them or get off your bike to take a picture.

Animals you may see:

  • Polar Bears, Moose, Caribou, Wolverine
  • White tail deer, Lynx, Arctic Fox
  • Skunks, Beaver, Porcupine all kinds of birds
  • Killer Whales, Harp Seals, Walrus, Greenland Shark