What is a “BIKE-IT List”? The same concept as “BUCKET LIST”, only you are riding your motorcycle to all the amazing places out there!
Whether you ride your motorcycle there and back or fly across the world, rent a motorcycle and check one of the rides off your BIKE-IT List! Just Do It!!!
Thanks to a good friend for coming up with the term, we have checked lots rides off our BIKE-IT List. How About You??
What's on your Bike-It List

  • What’s on your BIKE-IT List?
  • Where do you want to ride to?
  • What rides have you CHECKED off your BIKE-IT List?
  • What Continent have your rode on?
  • Do you have a map of where you have rode to?
  • Do you have a map of where you want to ride to?

How do I start my Bike-It List?

Bike-It List
This is easier to start then it is to stop making this list, because once you start researching places to ride to, countries to ride through, world wonders to stop and take in the beauty, the list is huge.
If time and money are an issue in the beginning, start with your local places to ride, whether you heard someone talk about the ride or you saw a video on YouTube. There will be LOTS of day rides around where you live, roads you always wondered where it went but never took the time to discover.
You will be out riding these local amazing rides, you will meet people who suggest another ride, put it on your Bike-It List, and make a plan to ride it then check it!
Your Bike-It List is YOUR list, make it as big as you want, dream big, research the other side of the world, watch videos to add more places to add to your list.

What’s on YOUR Bike-It List?

Bike-It List Atlantic Ocean
Everyone has their own idea of what a spectacular ride is, depending on what kind of rider you are, the bike you have and how adventurous you are will determine what’s on your Bike-It List!
We would love to hear about some of the AMAZING places you have already rode to and HIGHLY recommend to others.
Our Bike-It List includes other continents so if you have rode outside of North America PLEASE share with us so we can add more motorcycle adventures to our Bike-It List!!

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Where are some BIKE-IT List motorcycle rides in Canada?

Where are the United States BIKE-IT List Rides?

A BIKE-IT List through Mexico, what are they?

Where are places outside of North America that should be on everyone’s BIKE-IT List?

Share some of our BIKE-IT LIST places below, leave a comment!


The Bucket List Life

The Bucket List Life

Since we are talking about lists, we all have BUCKET LISTS that may not involve riding your motorcycle, like swimming with sea turtles, that would be a little difficult doing on your GSX-R1000 (not saying you can’t ride to the ocean though).
With technology today we can see all the amazing wonders of the world right on our phones, making it easier to connect with people across the world to help make our bucket lists get checked off!
A good buddy, Kenyon, has been traveling the world helping people check things off their bucket lists, from the littlest things to the biggest things you can imagine. His spin on The Bucket List Life is not about just him checking things off his BUCKET LIST, it is about helping people achieve their dreams, wishes and once in a lifetime experiences.
The Bucket List Life’s Mission: To help as many as people as possible find what they’re passionate about, achieve lifestyle freedom, and finally live their bucket list life.
They have a FACEBOOK page, which is growing every day, it is all about amazing places people have checked off their list, positive supportive quotes and a few funny things thrown into the mix.
Check them out!

The Bike It List Life

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We love what Kenyon and his amazing friends are doing, seeing the impact they have had on the world, I said to Carlson, Why don’t we do something similar?! Over time we will work on this project and who the hell knows where it will end up?!
You only live once and we are grateful we get to live our passion on 2 wheels.
Here’s to the future: if you are not growing you are dying…
Life’s too short to anything else but LIVE!
No one gets out alive anyway…