We begin “The World’s Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride”! After a few months of planning coordinating and organizing we are ready to put these two iconic American made motorcycles to the ultimate test. We will put them through their paces exploring the beautiful North American landscape and challenging some of the best roads North America has to offer.

We begin The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride at Cycle Works Calgary

Signing the Map for Demo RideRiding from Alberta to British Columbia

Group of Riders on FerryDipping the Tires in the Pacific Ocean

Tires Dipped into the Pacific OceanHome Stretch of the 1st leg

Tuesday, June 16 we were up early again as we were preparing ourselves to cross the continental divide on our way home to Alberta. This days ride was absolutely fantastic as we left Kelowna and the deserts of southern BC across the Rocky Mountains and to the foothills of Alberta and our home, Calgary. We will spend one day at home recouping, talking about the appx 2500kms that we put on over the weekend and getting ready for the next seven weeks on the road.

As a bit of a side note , you may not realize it but for most of this portion of the trip we rode with anywhere between 9 and 14 other riders. Some family, some friends and it is with great respect we give to these other riders on their ability to ride some very difficult roads in a group, safely professionally and most of all having a bunch of fun..so we offer cheers to all of them, thanks Fred, John, Jason, Diane, Clint, Gary, Mike, Elaine, Ashlee, Mandy, Don, Bill, Cal, Trina, Mike M, Terry, Steve, Ron, Kevin, Brent and Robert.
Group of riders on Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride West CoastThank you to our Sponsors

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