Highway 93 Glacier with road winding past

The 10 Best Motorcycle Rides in Canada is a cumulative snap shot of the best rides one can do on a motorcycle.

We have spent the last 6 years riding thousands of kilometres in search of Canada’s best.

Canada is the second largest country in the world and you will find no fewer than 415,000 kilometres of paved blacktop to ride.

In Canada we expect you will find more than one road to your liking.

Whether it be dipping your tires in the Pacific Ocean close enough to touch an old growth rain forest on Western Canada’s Vancouver Island or listening to your engine work overtime as you climb the highest paved road in Canada, Alberta’s Highwood Pass, you will be rewarded.

Imagine leaning your motorcycle into a corner near an old fishing village in Canada’s most easterly province of Newfoundland only to look up and see an iceberg resting its base on the Atlantic’s oceans floor or letting your throttle roll as you race a combine through the prairies as it sews the summers harvest.

Let’s not forget riding beside some of the largest freshwater lakes in the world in Ontario or taking some time to experience the wild frontier and the roads less traveled in a little known place called the Yukon Territory.

This is Canada, enjoy the ride.


Highwood Pass Riding every chance I get, some days are warmer than others, living in Canada you can not be a fair weathered rider.

In conjunction with 2015″Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride“; I have ridden in every province in Canada.

One thing you will learn quickly is the absolutely diverse beauty of this country we call home.

From the incredibly large and rugged Rocky mountains of western Canada across the quiet and subtle wind swept prairies and the beauty of the Maritime’s abundant roads and friendly people, Canada has much to offer the traveling motorcyclist.

Take a few minutes, pull up a chair and as you start reading the top 10; be careful you just may find yourself planning a new summers ride.

In our opinion and experience this is The Top 10 Best Motorcycle Rides in Canada.

For us what makes it on the list is how you describe it, not only to yourself but to others.

  • Do you describe it with enthusiasm and vigor as you tell them of the road, the scenery, the smells and the people you met on the way?
  • Do you dream about this as a perfect motorcycle road?
  • Is it a ride that that you would take time off work; sneak away and do over again?
  • Is it a ride when sit around with fellow enthusiasts you explain to them how great it was, enough to convince them that they may want to go and find out for themselves?
  • Is it firmly ingrained in your memory?

Yes this is how we came about The 10 Best Motorcycle Rides Canada

10 Best Rides in Canada
in no particular order

One of the most scenic motorcycle rides in all of the world is the Ice fields Parkway in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. In conjunction with the 1A highway or as it may be better known “The Bow Valley Parkway” leaving from Calgary, you just may have one of the best motorcycle rides in the world.

This 400km ride will have you in sensory overload as it encompasses it all, stunning vistas, huge and never ending mountain views, waterfalls, wildlife, glacial lakes and, of course, the Columbia Icefields. Not forgetting to mention riding through the famed mountain towns of Banff, Lake-Louise and Jasper.

Bow Lake Glacier

Map Bow Lake Glacier For sure beauty, we have not rode another route in North America that equals the parkways. In fact National Geographic Traveler magazine rated the Icefields Parkway as one of their 20 drives of a lifetime. We certainly agree and we assure you it is even better on your motorcycle. If we can recommend anything for this ride, plan on riding this route during the week as you will be impressed with the traffic or lack there of….take your time; you will be rewarded.

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The Incredibly Scenic Pacific Rim Highway is located on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. Highway 4 as you will find it on a map, is one that may not be all about the ride. It may just be about the destination.

You see; this beautiful highway ends in the incredibly scenic coastal town of Tofino which also is the ” terminus” of the western side of the trans-canada highway. The Pacific Rim Highway makes its way around and over several natural obstacles, such as Sproat Lake and the rugged Vancouver Island Mountains, Port Alberni Summit and Sutton Pass.

Pacific Coast Parksville to Tofino

Map Pacific Coast Parksville to TofinoYou will also find yourself leaning into the corners as you hug the shores of the equally beautiful Cameron and Kennedy Lakes. Although this memorable motorcycle ride is only 170km in length, allow your self a few hours, enjoy the views, stop in at Cathedral grove and remember the destination, it will be forever embedded in, mind, heart and your soul.

Watch Season 3 Episode 2 as we ride this highway

The Cabot Trail has been described as one of the most scenic motorcycle destinations in the world. After riding the trail in the summer of 2015, we have came to the conclusion they just may be right.

Located in the maritime province of Nova Scotia, the Cabot Trail measures almost 300km’s in length and completes a loop around the northern tip of Cape Breton Island. If you enjoy riding into stunning ocean vistas, through old-growth forests, around rock walls scarred by glaciers and leaning into a corner while the mysterious highlands fill your rear view mirror; this motorcycle oasis is for you. Daniel Ross; owner, publisher of the Cabot Trail Biker and probably one of the most knowledgeable motorcyclists in the area states…

Cabot Trail Cape Breton

Cabot TrailThe Cabot Trail features some of the most dramatic riding roads you’ll ever ride. Enjoy the elevation changes and curves carved into a rugged coastline in and out of the Cape Breton Highlands. On a sunny day, riding the full loop will have you laughing inside your helmet” That folks is your reward.
Watch the video and enjoy a sneak peek at the Cabot Trail

Although this ride is quite short you will have to take your time and do not plan on riding this scenic road at your red line. This incredible highway may not be for the faint of heart as you will find yourself in the last frontier.

In fact it is one of the most northerly highways in the world measured by latitudes. The mostly hard packed gravel road with the occasional mile of pavement will amaze your senses as well as your motorcycles. The highway actually starts in the amazing and historic Dawson City Yukon Canada and ends around Chicken Alaska. The top of the world highway winds its way along the crests of hills giving looks down into valleys far below. There seems nothing else is near no matter what direction you look you are literally on top of the world and in reality, you really are.

Top of the World Highway
Cabot TrailIt is just you, your bike and your senses. For those of you who ride north and choose to brave the wild frontier, you will be rewarded. Note-We rode this route on our Cruisers with no problem as it was dry and hot but do not recommend riding this road in wet conditions.

Click here to watch the Top of the World Highway on Season 2 Episode 3

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While riding around Canada on our motorcycles we use the GoPro Camera, attached to our helmets, fenders and mirrors. It is so easy to use and has amazing quality, I highly recommend this product.

The Haines Highway is one of the most spectacular motorcycle rides in Canada. Due to its northerly remote location, It just may be one of the country’s loneliest roads.

For those of you who brave the wild frontier, you will be rewarded with a lifetime of memories all in one 240km motorcycle ride. The highway follows a traditional route used by the Chilkat Tlingit traders and later the prospectors of the Klondike Gold Rush. Allow yourself to be amazed and ready yourself for grand views of glaciated mountains, alpine tundra and coastal forests.
Haines Highway BC

Map Bow Lake Glacier You will find yourself riding on great two-lane black top and marvel in its engineering as you meander along the edge of the scenic St. Elias mountain range. This epic motorcycle ride will be one that that you seek words to describe only to find there is none in our vocabulary.
Catch some glimpses of the loneliest road here

The Eastern and Southern Shores of Nova Scotia has to be one of the hidden gems in Canada for motorcycling enthusiasts . These fantastic rides along the shorelines allow you to feel one with the road as it winds through the many coves and fishing villages that pepper parts of the both shores.

From the white sandy beaches to the rugged coastlines this touring location is perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts. Riders will pass some of the longest beaches in the province and ride through almost 300 coastal communities.

East Coast South Shore of Nova Scotia

Map nova scotiaTraveling on the southern shore will awaken your senses as you roll your bike through a famous destination or two, including the magnificent Peggy’s Cove, the small village of Chester which is home to the Rope Restaurant, and finally Lunenburg, home of the bluenose, Canada famous racing schooner. This is a ride that will not soon be forgotten.

Find out More about Nova Scotia Here

As part of Alberta Canada’s highway 40 this portion south of the Trans Canada Highway leads you up the highest paved road in Canada, The Highwood Pass.

It is located just west of the city of Calgary. Snow on the peaks and common sense tells you this ride must be closed in the winter months. Riding through Canada’s Rocky Mountains is something to behold and this lesser traveled route through the Kananaskis Range and Peter Lougheed provincial park is no exception. The emerald green lakes, crystal clear rivers, amazing snow capped peaks, abundant wildlife and great pavement with long sweeping corners that should be rode with enthusiasm will want you coming back for more.

Kananaskis Trail Highwood Pass

Map Highway 40This is a place where civilization, as you may know it, disappears. Massive granite walls rise around you like the ramparts of a gigantic dream castle, the air is scented with pine, and the reception bars on your cellphone wink out, one by one. You are officially on your own.

Top it off with a “Ride-Stop-n-Go” burger in Longview’s Twin Cities Saloon, it makes this ride one you will not forget.

Watch Season 1 Episode 6 and enjoy the Highwood Pass

One of the highlights of riding our motorcycles in 2015 and something that should not be missed was riding in the incredibly scenic province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Newfoundland is Canada’s most easterly province and is known for friendliness, scenic roads great people and did we mention Icebergs. You will not be dis-appointed.

The “Road to the Isles” is a place that delivers a true Newfoundland experience. The coastal communities surrounding Lewisporte make up some of the most spectacular views offered by the Road to the Isles. From the rugged coastline and rocky interior, scenic views and the historical past, the Gander loop provides an experience for all to enjoy. Unique in its own right, it continues to maintain a sense of being with delightful people, traditional hospitality and picturesque communities.

Gander Loop Newfoundland

Map Gander LoopDid we mention Icebergs..The views of New World Island lead north to the historic community of Twillingate, which has been recognized as the iceberg capitol of the world and is the last stop along the Road to the Isles. Here, at the tip of the Atlantic Ocean, tourists can watch whales as they flow through the rugged waters, and experience the majestic wonder of the iceberg. Motorcycling, Icebergs and Newfoundland..It does not get much better than that.

We enjoyed every moment while on The Rock, click here for more info

If you have no inclination on how large Canada is, this epic motorcycle ride will enlighten you, your senses and your gas tank on how big Canada and more specifically Ontario actually is.

Located in what is known as northern Ontario, this route of almost 1200km’s will take you through the Canadian shield. Your throttle hand may just get a little tired as you roll through one long sweeping corner after another. If riding highways that wind, twist and turn through rock cuts, follow along majestic shorelines and run parallel through towering canopies of forest are your thing ; then this ride was made for you.

Lake Superior

Map Lake SuperiorThe stretch of highway along the shore of Lake Superior from Wawa to Sault St. Marie is known as one of the most scenic rides in Canada and will leave you breathless, we are still trying to catch ours.
Enjoy a snippet of the beauty we witnessed

British Columbia; Canada’s west coast province has many great motorcycling roads and this is one of the best. The very popular Creston to Nakusp scenic ride will not dis-appoint and will have you craving for more.

This incredible ride follows the gentle curves and turns up the Kootenay lake shore on highway 3A. After a short, free ferry ride across the lake highway 31 takes you up the other shore to the small town of Kaslo. This is where the fun really begins. Highway 31A from Kaslo west to New Denver is about 30 miles of motorcycle bliss. Great pavement, little traffic, perfect corners, twists and turns, up and down. If you enjoy peering over your bars into sub-line views of forests, mountain glaciers, lakes and rivers this it the ride for you.

Nakusp Creston BC

Map Creston to NakuspIt is a motorcyclists dream roller coaster all built for two wheels. As an added bonus your not quite done. Going north on highway 6 along the shores of the beautiful Slocan lake will slowly wind you down as you end up at one of our favourite haunts, the Riders Retreat Motorcycle campground. Motorcycling at its finest.

Find out More about British Columbia Here

The 10 Best Motorcycle Rides in Canada

Although we have not rode our motorcycles on every stretch of great blacktop in Canada, we have rode many.We have taken our trusted motorcycles hundreds of thousands of kilometres between us around this great country we call home We have compiled this list and we have personally rode all these rides together and amazed what Canada has to offer. Many of you have done many of these rides, many of you have done none of these rides and we hope many of you may be encouraged to go and experience at least one.

Look forward to seeing you on the road in 2016 and hopefully you have the time to show us one of your top ten.

Cheers from T&A

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