From the littlest tweak to the wildest gadget, you will find it at Sturgis Motorcycle Exhaust Windshields & Accessories and more at Sturgis no doubt about it. Riding around Sturgis seeing all the other motorcycles with the latest fads, makes you want to add something yourself doesn’t it?! You can get everything and anything at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, even if you say you would never do it!

Vance and Hines Exhaust System

Sturgis Vance and Hines
Vance & Hines along with J&P Cycle team up to install the coolest, bad ass exhaust system known to motorcycles! Great thing about getting a Stage 1 kit put on your bike while in Sturgis, is you drop it off, walk around checking out all the other cool stuff, head back a couple hours later and you are all set to go!
In 2013, Vance and Hines and J&P Cycle removed Angela’s stock pipes, and replaced them with Big Shot Staggers along with a Stage 1 kit, which included a High Flow Air Filter and Fuel Pak, giving More Power and just the right amount of rumble!!
Big thanks to all the guys at Vance and Hines and J&P Cycle for the great service, awesome products and the fun time filming the process.
If you don’t have time to get your bike upgraded while at Sturgis, check with your local dealership or order them online and install them yourself!
Vance and Hines: Order Online

Klock Werks, specializing in The Flare Windshields

Klock Werks Sturgis
Look for Klock Werks at Sturgis, a company that stands behind their products and is proud of every install they do. They will supply and install your Flare windshield right there in front of you. You will no doubt be very happy with your new windshield and/or fairing giving your bike that look it has been missing all along!
For those who are not familiar with Klock Werks, they are also known as Kustom Baggers, they proudly use American Made products, have many awards and titles. In 2006 racing at the Bonnieville Salt Flats, Laura Klock rode to a National Land Speed Record, letting her team know she felt some lifting from her stock windshield, they started to design “The Flare”.
If you don’t have time to get any Klock Werks product installed at the rally, it is quick and easy to order online and install it yourself.
Klock Werks: Order Online

You can have almost anything added to your bike while at the Rally

Sturgis Vendors
This is THEE place to get any little enhancement to your bike, it is also the place if you want to get a total different look and feel to your motorcycle. Be sure to walk around Main Street and Lazelle Street to see all the Vendors and their products. So many to list but here is a start:

  • LED Lights
  • BadAss Rims
  • Saddle Bags
  • Softer Seat
  • Fuel Performance Enhancements
  • Communication Devices installed

    How about getting something for yourself?

    Sturgis Tattoos
    Souvenirs of all shapes and sizes are available every where, T-Shirts, gadgets and widgets on every corner, funky hats, patches, electronics thingeys, shoe shine polish, piercing, tattoos and anything else you can think of. If you saw it “ON TV” you can most likely find it here!

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