Our plans for our 10 week tour started back on January 1st, 2011. These plans were not just for a holiday but for our Motorcycle Travel Website, ridestopngo.com. After our 10 day tour of the west coast the previous fall, frustrated with lack of information all in one spot, we decided to create a website that does just that. Now in saying that, HOLY that is a lot of information to gather, hence our 10 week 2011 Tour.

We mapped out a tentative route and were at the Calgary Motorcycle show when we stopped by Blue Circle Insurance’s booth. Troy already had his 2 motorcycles insured with BlueCircle but he wanted to introduce me to Gerry and Kelly and tell them about our idea. A couple weeks later we went to the Edmonton Motorcycle show, low and behold Gerry and Kelly from BlueCircle were there too. They joked around with us about going to the Red Deer Motorcycle show in a couple weeks, as they would to be there, unfortunately we were unable to attend that show as Troy had his Dyna Lowrider in the World of Wheels!
A few short visits with Gerry and Kelly, we started a friendship and who knew that it would to lead to this. Gerry, Kelly and the whole gang at BlueCircle Insurance from Calgary Alberta, are Alberta’s #1 Insurance Business by our standards by far.
Once you meet Gerry, you will have a friend for life, one of the busiest guys we know but always makes time for you. He is one of “us” and has no problem being the carpenter, janitor or insurance guru all in the same day and to put the cherry on the top, he RIDES!

We are truly grateful to Gerry, Kelly, Dirk and the rest of the gang at Blue Circle Insurance along with Traveler’s, who have truly inspired us to keep moving forward with our goals. Any of our pictures you see in our travels and we ask “Can you spot the Blue guy”? That is a Blue Guy that Gerry gave us before we left, hoping he can see through the Blue Guy’s eye..
The picture below was taken at BlueCircle Insurance, Calgary Alberta, Troy dropped of shirts everyone before we left.
Motorcycle 2011 Tour
From left to right: Gerry, Stephanie of BlueCircle Insurance, Troy from Ride Stop N Go, Corey and Sanjay of Blue Circle Insurance, Cam and Trevor of Traveler’s.