Whenever we discuss our rides or talk to other riders about the road they were just on, a description is given and 100% of the time the words are spoken about the Smells on the Open Road.

The amazing smells as a rider

Inhale the sweet smells
Maybe the day will come when the smells of the cedar trees, the new canola field, the fresh cut hay can be captured with your camera, so when your video is shared, the viewer can be right there with you with all their senses.

  • Riders can smell the rain before it starts
  • Riders can smell the dead animal before it is spotted on the side of the road
  • Riders can smell the fresh air for many miles
  • Riders can smell the lakes, the oceans, the ponds and know the difference

The smells that we as riders smell, stay with us, it is like a trigger, when we smell the cedar trees, it takes us back to the other places we have rode through with that smell.
~ A ride through memory lane one could say ~

Riding a Motorcycle alerts the senses

Hold your breath for the stinky smells
Good or Bad smells are all part of the journey, while we all agree the good smells are more appreciated, the skunk smell will make you more alert or at least make your eyes water. It is like having a “spidey” sense about you, the smells you come across tell you a lot about the land, the road and what is up ahead.

Enjoy the smells, they have a story to tell of their own!

Share your Smelling Story

Leave a comment below, sharing some of your greatest smells on the open road, how many times have you taken that sweet extra long inhale or that short hold your breath until you are past the feedlot.