Seasonal Riding in CanadaWhen people think Canada, they expect cold, snow, igloos, dog sleds and of course hockey.

What people don’t expect is hot, green grass, cabins on lakes, motorcycles and of course street hockey.

Seasonal riding in Canada generally is from April to October, if you are planning a trip to come to Canada to ride, keep this in mind.

What Type of Riding Gear to Pack?

Coast to Coast you will find differences in weather, good idea to pack these items:

  • long johns (thermal underwear)
  • heated vest
  • sunscreen
  • wickable / breathable shirts
  • bungee cords to secure your leathers for those HOT days

Riding your motorcycle coast to coast or just to a few provinces from spring to fall you need to be prepared for extreme weather, HOT and COLD.

Seasonal Riding in Canada

Plan for the worst and expect the best

Each Province you ride in can provide perfect riding conditions, sun shine, blue skies, warm temperatures. Each Province can also provide a challenge with rain, wind, hail, sleet, snow no matter the month. Bring your rain gear, look to the skies and check the weather network before you head out for the day.

It gets HOT on the prairies in Canada

The prairies experience severe heat waves, from Saskatchewan riding east towards Quebec you will need to wear sunscreen, drink lots of water and be mindful of long hot days.
Seasonal Riding in Canada

Western Canada can have longer riding seasons

British Columbia has milder warmer temperatures year round, closer to the coastline, riders have been known to ride year round in some areas.
Alberta sees warm to hot temperatures in the summer and chinook winds can bring an early spring to start riding.

Riding in the Maritimes

No matter the weather the Maritimes are spectacular to ride in, the temperatures are usually mildly warm, with quite a bit of precipitation. Middle of July to middle of August are their warmest times to ride, May is a safe month to begin your journey.
Seasonal Riding in Canada

Yukon and NWT lots of daylight hours

Doesn’t matter that the Yukon and North West Territories are Northern Canada, they too have great summers for riding. Temperatures are above normal these days meaning sunscreen is a good idea. They also have longest days of summer, which means LONGER riding days!

Seasonal Riding in Canada

Weather is changing all over the world, places it used to never snow is now experiencing snow, Canada is also changing in their weather patterns, we seem to have longer winters with more snow (if that is possible), hotter temperatures where it used to be just warm.
Seasonal Riding in Canada

Need more information about Canada?

Not just quirky facts like Canada is the Garter Snake capitol of the world and we harvest icebergs in Newfoundland to make wine, beer and vodka. We mean facts that are useful to riders enjoying their experience in Canada.

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