The 2013 M*A*S Tour took us down to Mexico, up to Alaska and over to Sturgis, it feels like that was a lifetime ago, even though it was just last year. Season 2 of On the Backroads aired 6 episodes on SHAW TV Calgary, here on our website, on YouTube and starting September 30th, 2014 Shaw TV will be airing Season 2 again. Season 3 will follow after the 6th episode.

The Schedule:

For the local Calgarian viewers you will be able to watch the shows on Channel 10 Shaw TV at the times below:
Starting September 30, 2014

  • Tuesday at 7:30pm
  • Wednesday at 2:30am
  • Wednesday at 11pm
  • Thursday at 5pm
  • Friday at 7:30am
  • Sunday at 2am

For the rest of the viewers you can watch the shows anytime on our website or Youtube Channel.

2013 M*A*S Tour

Season 2, Twice as good
We are always talking about the 2013 M*A*S Tour, all the great memories we had on each of the trips, along with hearing from fellow riders who want to do the rides.
Mexico TV Show

The “M” in M*A*S Tour, our 1st trip, we rode in Mexico, down the Baja is something everyone should experience, no matter the type of motorcycle you ride, an experience that will leave an imprint on your life forever. At this time we would like to send prayers, positive thoughts and love to all the friends that we met down in Cabo san Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and the rest of the BAJA that was hit hard by Hurricane Odile. We will ride back down to see them all one of these times, stay strong friends and know you are in our thoughts!
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Alaska TV Show

The “A” in M*A*S Tour, Alaska, was equally as epic, with a total opposite experience but still as many lifelong memories, being in Anchorage on the longest day of the year was an amazing experience, meeting so many cool fun people along the way was icing on the cake. We will be riding back there again one day, seeing things we missed and hanging out at places we already visited much longer!
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Sturgis TV Show

The “S” of our tour, Sturgis, doesn’t need any descriptive words… it speaks volumes on it’s own! Since it is only a 2 day ride from us in Calgary, we go every year, and next year being the 75th Anniversary will are there for sure. They are expecting over 1.3million people to attend, if you have NOT found accommodations yet, get on it, they are almost full!! Who knew a town of 6600 people could be a host to 1.3 million… it will be a wild ride for sure!
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Season 3 coming November 2014

Hard to top Season 2 that is for sure, in Season 3 we travel to beautiful British Columbia, down to Sturgis and took in so many super fun events around Alberta. We met a lot of great people, riders who have watched the shows, follow us on social media, many “cyber friends” became real life in person friends. We always look forward to meeting new friends and catching up with old friends, we welcome all comments and suggestions of what you would like to see in any of your upcoming shows. Our riding season is winding down (we are actually home for a while now) and plans for 2015 have already begun, what fun we are going to have next year!!!

Thank you

We are humbled and touched by all the people that watch our shows, we thought it was just going to be our family after we bribed them! We enjoy connecting with people via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, at rally’s, poker runs and at the gas pumps chatting it up!

We always say You meet the nicest people on a motorcycle

Ride Safe, Have Fun and we will see you On the Backroads!