As spring of 2016 rolled around, Vince at Cycle Works asked us what we wanted to do for the year. It’s pretty hard to top our 2015 Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride, but we are sure going to give it a try!
Join us for S05 E01 New Demo Bikes for 2016

What are Troy & Ang riding for 2016?

S05 E01 New Demo Bikes for 2016
With 2 amazing choices of Polaris motorcycles why not switch things up?!!
Troy chose the 2016 Victory Magnum for a couple reasons;

  1. Ang totally fell in love with the Magnum in 2015
  2. He had see what all the fuss was about

Ang picked the 2016 Indian Springfield, mainly because it is one damn sexy looking bike!!

Cycle Works Motorsports

Indian Motorcycle New Showroom
We are totally grateful and spoiled to continue another year being Cycle Works Motorsports Ambassadors. It is a great team involving all 5 Cycle Works stores and Ride Stop n Go, all parties compliment one another as you will see through out this season. The 5 Cycle Works locations are Calgary ~ Edmonton ~ FootHills ~Acheson ~ Red Deer.

Riding around Alberta in crazy weather

Alberta Weather
Never leave home without your rain gear and sense of adventure. The old saying is “Wait 5 mins and the weather will change”, we went through quite a few different 5 minute weather changes! It was truly appreciated that we were allowed to join a family reunion to take cover!

MotorRad Performance Turner Valley

Motored PerformanceA great old school motorcycle shop located in Turner Valley AB, that cater to the motorcycle community from all over. Motorrad Performance are open Wednesday to Sunday and when you stop in you can enjoy a delicious burrito or if you are near them and break down they will come pick you up! Every year they throw a big customer appreciation event, it is a great time with lots of food, music and friends.

Torch Motorcycle Exhibits Calgary

Torch Motorcycle Exhibit
Patty and Berne from Torch Motorcycles puts on an amazing showcase every fall of unique, classic, custom builds for the public to view. IF you are not sure who Torch Motorcycle is, you need to click on the link and find out all the cool stuff they are up to. This is their 3rd annual and it did not disappoint, be sure to watch for the next exhibit.

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We participate in many charity rides, many of us celebrate the grand Re-Opening of Cycle Works Calgary and the Indian Showroom including Victory and Indian Motorcycle Demo Days.

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Thank you to our Sponsors

2016 Indian Springfield Victory Magnum
Thanks to Cycle Works Motorsports of Alberta, Victory, Indian and all the friends that come out to meet us and ride with us!

Big thank you to our sponsors:

Blue Circle Insurance
Big Chief Snacks

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