There are 2 amazing things that happened in S04 E08 – Party at Sturgis 75th Rally – 8 Week Demo Ride Comes to an End.
With all the months of planning, weeks of riding here we are, the last leg of the trip.

Sturgis 75th Anniversary; what a party

75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Sturgis exploded with riders from all over the world to help celebrate their 75th Anniversary the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
The rally was expecting over 1.2Million people, we would have to say it didn’t reach that amount of riders but it was sure packed!! We tried to take in every event, concert, contest, show and ride possible this year and we still didn’t see everything!

Flat Track Racing

Flat Track Racing
Our first time at Jackpine Gypsies hosted the Flat Track Racing, something that everyone must see! Riders of every age and bikes from new to the old 1900’s Indian and Harley’s out ripping up the track. Don Galloway from Cycle Works Motorsports was a racer, super cool to watch someone you know rip around the flat track. It is a fun filled day that you should experience at least once while in Sturgis.

Victory Owners at Sturgis Drag Strip

Victory Owners at Sturgis Drag Strip
It was super cool to hang out with fellow Victory riders all day and even cooler to race one another on the Sturgis Drag Strip. Carlson has a different start to the story, but we all know the finish line, or rather the end of the story, when a Victory Magnum races an Indian Chieftain on a 1/8 miles track.

People, Bikes and things you see

People Bikes and things to see in Sturgis
You will never leave Sturgis without a memory, some you will never want to forget and some you wish you could erase forever!
You will find all walks of life at the motorcycle rally which makes it all the more reason to come and experience for yourself. Don’t take our word for it, plan your own trip here and take your own pictures!!

Hello Canada and Alberta

Heading home after 8 weeks on the road
The bitter sweet, the World’s Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride has come to an end. We left Sturgis, took 2 days to head back to Canada and slowly make our way home to Calgary Alberta. Tears of sadness, joy, exhaustion and many other emotions came to the surface as we cruised down highway 1 with the city skyline in view. WOW how did this all just happen? 8 week of riding and many more months of planning and PUFF just like that it is over!

2016, New Bikes, New Adventures

2016 Victory & Indian Rides
2015 will be hard to top, not sure if it is even possible, but 2016 we are on 2 new different Polaris bikes, thanks to Cycle Works Motor Sports of Alberta, BlueCircle Insurance and all our supporters near and far. 2016 will showcase local events, charities, adventures and the chance to meet many more amazing riders!

S04 E08 – Party at Sturgis 75th Rally – 8 Week Demo Ride Comes to an End

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  • July 31st Arrive in Sturgis
  • Aug 01-07 Sturgis 75th Rally
  • Aug 8 & 9 Ride back into Canada and Alberta

Thank you to our Sponsors

Sponsors and Supporters
Thanks to Cycle Works Motorsports of Alberta, Victory, Indian and all the friends that come out to meet us and ride with us!

Big thank you to our sponsors:

Blue Circle Insurance
Elite Holdings Inc
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