The adventures continue on as we ride the Cabot Trail with our very own personal tour guide. Meet up with friends who hosted us and showed us more roads around Halifax. We take a ferry to Prince Edward Island, for free, and we meet up with more friends.
Join us for S04 E06Riding the Cabot Trail – Halifax – PEI

Welcome to Nova Scotia

Rock Star Parking
Summer of 2015 we began an adventure of The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride thanks to Cycle Works of Alberta, Victory Motorcycles, Indian Motorcycles and Blue Circle Insurance. We are on the road for 8 weeks demo riding a Victory Magnum (Ang) and an Indian Chieftain (Troy).

The Cabot Trail Biker, Daniel Ross

Cabot Trail Biker
WOW are we loving the Maritimes, exploring Cape Breton has been nothing short of amazing, the Cabot Trail and all the stops along the way were spectacular and the people are over the top friendly.

Thanks to Daniel Ross from The Cabot Trail Biker who treated us a royal treatment on the trail and in PEI! We went out fishing with his family, caught mackerel and ate the freshest seafood ever, 30 secs from the hook to the BBQ!

Hanging out with Roch, our mentor

Roch the Man
Highlight of our summer was meeting up with our long time buddy Roch who we have had never met until this trip. We talked weekly sometimes many times a week, he has helped us with our videos and we would be no where near where we are today with out him. We wish he lived much closer to us, we are so blessed to have him in our lives! Thanks Roch, we love you!

Halifax, Chester, Luenburg, Peggys Cove & more

Peggys Cove
We stayed with friends in Halifax and once again treated like royalty, food, beer, tours, more food and more beer!! Great way to chill for a few days! Off to Peggys Cove, Chester, Lunenburg, where we met up with new friends and ate and drank some more!!

A Ferry ride to Prince Edward Island

Purple Bike B&BThank you to Daniel Ross for introducing us to Astrid and her amazing Purple Bike B&B, delicious food, cool atmosphere and motorcycle friendly. We hung out in Charlottetown one evening meeting up with more new friends who offered to tour us around the island, well we are not going to pass that up!!
PEI friends at Cavendish Red Sand Beaches
Another great place to stop at while on PEI, is The Landing in Tyne Valley, Daniel Ross also is PEIBIKER you can buy his T-shirts there, enjoy some amazing organic fresh food.

S04 E06 Riding the Cabot Trail – Halifax – PEI

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  • July 12th 1st Part of the Cabot Trail
  • July 13th More Cabot Trail, backroads and fishing
  • July 14th Make our way to Halifax
  • July 15-17th Hang out and explore Nova Scotia
  • July 18th Make our way to Prince Edward Island
  • July 19th Red sand beaches, Mussels and fun times
  • July 20th Leave PEI head to the USA border

Thank you to our Sponsors

Meeting new Friends
Thanks to Cycle Works Motorsports of Alberta, Victory, Indian and all the friends that come out to meet us and ride with us!

Big thank you to our sponsors:

Blue Circle Insurance
Elite Holdings Inc
Champion Concrete Cutting
The Spot
Big Chief Snacks
Resurgence Gear

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