Lots of exciting things take place this episode, we get all dressed up for a wedding, do the tourist thing at Niagara falls, ride in rain for days and days, to arrive at Lloydz Motorworkz in New York then ride in more rain back up to Canada to begin our Maritimes tour.
Join us for S04 E03 Niagara Falls to Lloydz Motorworkz to the Maritimes.

The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride runs into some rain for many days

All dressed up for the wedding
Summer of 2015 we began an adventure of The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride thanks to Cycle Works of Alberta, Victory Motorcycles, Indian Motorcycles and Blue Circle Insurance. We are on the road for 8 weeks demo riding a Victory Magnum (Ang) and an Indian Chieftain (Troy).

New Friends, Family, Touring around in the rain

Peak Powersports Oakville Ontario
Taking the Ferry to Southern Ontario gave us time to plan out our next few days. Meeting up with new friends for a few days, being able to attend our cousins wedding all in sunshine! At the crack of midnight after the outdoor wedding was done the skies opened up and so began our next 5 days of rain. We geared up and made our way to Peak Powersports in Oakville to hang out with Nathan and his crew along with meeting up with new friends. They fired up the BBQ and to our surprise we were the only 2 that had ridden our motorcycles that day!! Off to Niagara Falls in and cross over into New York State.

Lloydz Motorworkz, Victory & Indian Power Performance

Lloydz Motorworkz
Putting the bikes on the Dyno at Lloydz Motorworkz in Pine Bush NY we get to put the Magnum and Chieftain to the power and torque test.

We give reviews of the bike, show you how big and beautiful Canada is and have a whole lot of fun along the way!!
Be sure to find out what Troy’s Stock Indian Chieftain had for power & Torque and Ang’s Magnum with a Stage one Kit had, a great comparisons for sure.

S04 E03 Niagara Falls to Lloydz Motorworkz to the Maritimes

Maritimes here we come

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  • June 23rd arrive in Southern Ontario
  • June 25th arrive in Burlington On
  • June 26th Family Wedding
  • June 27th Oakville Power Sports
  • June 28th Niagara Falls and New York State
  • June 29th Lloydz Motorworkz
  • June 30th Riding in rain heading North
  • July 1st arrive in Bangor Maine
  • July 2nd cross back into Canada

Thank you to our Sponsors

S04 E02 Riding across the Prairies to Ontario
Thanks to Cycle Works Motorsports of Alberta, Victory, Indian and all the friends that come out to meet us and ride with us!

Big thank you to our sponsors:

Blue Circle Insurance
Elite Holdings Inc
Champion Concrete Cutting
The Spot
Big Chief Snacks
Resurgence Gear

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