They are pretty damn good,considering Canada is known for it’s long winters and cold temperatures. The roads all across Canada will see some sort of repair or major construction through out the spring, summer and fall. Main Highways and secondary roads are all paved, with so many thousands of miles of roads there will also be some gravel roads.
Roads in Canada

No the Roads aren’t made out of ice!

Joke all you want but truth is any of the roads that you will be traveling on will not be made of ice. And no dog sled will pass you as your are riding around this massive country!

Trans-Canada Highway, one of the world’s largest highways

The Trans-Canada Highway, otherwise known as #1 highway, stretches from the west coast of Victoria British Columbia and ends at the east coast at St. John’s Newfoundland, over 8000km (5000 miles). It is all 4 lane highway that for the most part is in good condition, as always it will depend on the severity of the previous winter and all the heavy traffic that uses the road.
Roads in Canada

Roads in Canada vary from Province to Province

Every province maintains their roads, you will notice a difference at provincial border crossings, some for the better! Main, secondary and rural roads are all paved, with decent shoulders and the ditches are mowed/trimmed.

Gravel, yes you may ride on some

The busy traveled gravel roads are in good condition, the less traveled gravelled roads you will need to use caution. Like all the construction on the highways, the graders will be out making improvements.

Big Trucks, RV’s, and lots of vehicles

Be prepared for lots of traffic while riding in Canada, you will see why some of the roads need to be repaired, very busy!

Here is a link to the Numbered Highways in Canada.

Need more information about Canada?

Not just peculiar facts like Peterborough Ontario is the Canoe Capitol of the world or that Alberta is home to Million Dollar highway overpasses just for animals to use. We mean like serious riding facts that make your experience super.

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Canada: What You Need to Know

Want to know some facts about Seasonal Riding in Canada?

Not just the obvious facts that January is normally the coldest month in Canada, rider important information about what to expect in Canada and our weather.

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Seasonal Riding: What You Need to Know