As a motorcyclists that is the biggest question or concern, what are the roads in Alberta going to be like to ride on? When you head out on a longer trip you will have your motorcycle in for service and tires before you leave anyway but always a good idea to have an guideline as to what you can expect for road conditions.
Roads in Alberta

2 Seasons; Winter and Construction

Riding in Alberta, North to South, East to West and all through out central Alberta you will find roads in good condition. We have been experiencing colder longer winters which delays our construction season to start and finish. We do have a saying here in Alberta, we have 2 season, Winter and Construction, this pertains to the roads and the infrastructure.

Main Highways, Secondary Highways and rural roads

The Trans-Canada Highway, runs through the southern part of Alberta, while the QE2 (Queen Elizabeth #2 Highway) runs North and South, connecting major cities and towns, it is a 4 lane highway. Alberta has many great secondary highways that are in better condition than some of the major roads at times. Majority of roads going into towns will depend on the winter, traffic and rural budgets for repair/upgrade.
Roads in Alberta

Shoulders, ditches, safety precautions

One thing Alberta is consistent about is wide shoulders on secondary roads, the ditches are mowed and garbage/carcasses are picked up often. The QE2 has cable barrier separating north and south bound traffic, with many on and off ramps to small towns.

Gravel, yes Alberta has gravel roads too

If you come across any gravel while riding in Alberta, you are most likely lost or going to a specific home. With over 225000 kilometres of roads, 165000 of that is gravel, mostly in rural farm/ranch countryside.
The Roads in Alberta

Big Trucks, RV’s, and lots of vehicles

Highway #1 and QE2 are very busy year round, be prepared for lots of traffic while riding in Alberta. Transporting Trucks, RV’s, Buses, hundreds of thousands of vehicles, you will see why we have a construction season, very busy!

Need more information about Alberta?

Not just filler facts like Lloydminster is located half in the province Alberta and half in the province of Saskatchewan, you can live in Alberta and walk to work in Saskatchewan! We mean like important riding facts that make your experience that much better.

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