When riders are planning a trip to the United States or ride around their beautiful country, weather is at the top of the list to wonder about, plan for and pack for!
Riding in all kinds of weather in USA
Depending what state you are riding in and the time of year will depend on what you can expect.

Year Round Riding occurs in some states, if you are planning a trip to come to USA to ride, keep this in mind.

What Type of Riding Gear to Pack?

Coast to Coast you will find differences in weather, good idea to pack these items:

  • long johns (thermal underwear)
  • heated vest
  • sunscreen
  • wickable / breathable shirts
  • Safety Glasses, for rain, don’t steam up as much
  • bungee cords to secure your leathers for those HOT days

Riding your motorcycle coast to coast or just to a few states from spring to fall you need to be prepared for extreme weather, HOT and COLD.

Hot weather Riding in USA

Plan for the worst and expect the best

Each State you ride in can provide perfect riding conditions, sun shine, blue skies, warm temperatures. Each State can also provide a challenge with rain, wind, hail, sleet, tornados and snow no matter the month. Bring your rain gear, look to the skies and check the weather network before you head out for the day.

Extreme Hot days can lead to Crazy Storms at night

Most of the States experience severe heat waves, heat like you may never have experienced before, it is a good idea if you are new to the heat to ride early mornings. Lather up with sunscreen for you pale skin riders, drink lots of water, when you fuel up with gas also refill water bottles. If you are riding with no destinations and the clouds start building up, find a great motel and pub, settle in and enjoy the thunder and lightening that will sure to follow!
Northern USA Riding in Weather

West Coast can be cooler and wetter

Riding from Northern California, up the Oregon coastline into Washington, rain gear is a good idea to have handy. Their weather can be warm and get hot, usually not as hot as the rest of the United States in riding season.

Riding Northern States, what can I expect for weather?

Riding season begins April or May, depending on Old Man Winter, the temperatures don’t get too hot until late June/July, then look out as it those States have been known to shoot the mercury out of the thermometer. Hail is not uncommon and rain can pop up out of no where!
East Coast Riding in USA

East Coast has the widest variety of weather

North East Coastline States have cold hard winters, sweltering hot summers, bizarre rain & winds that can turn into hurricanes. Riding down the east coast you will encounter many beautiful days, don’t be surprised though if you are in and out of rain gear a couple times in one day!

Central United States

The wheat belt, the corn belt, the soybean belt, with ranches and farmland galore, is amazing to ride through, the smells (good & bad) are out of this world!! You can smell the rain before it starts and see the clouds build up to guess how big the storm that is brewing. These states experience extreme heat, keep yourself hydrated and enjoy the scenery as you ride from state to state.
Florida weather Riding in USA

The Southern States, year round riding!

If you haven’t been here before, you will find many Canadians there through out the winter months, you will experience 2 harvest of crops, and some of the most bizarre weather! Although weather patterns are changing all over the world, you may want to know it can get below freezing, you may see snowfall and extremely dry conditions. If you are not from the southern states, but visiting during winter months, the odd day it is below freezing isn’t so bad!

Riding in all kinds of weather in USA

There is a couple old sayings:
~if you get home wet from riding in the rain, you haven’t rode far enough!
~worst day out riding is still better than any day in the office

A little rain, wind, heat, snow will happen when you ride across the Unites States, hopefully you don’t encounter too much hail, tornados or hurricanes. If every day was blue skies and sunshine what would bikers talk about all the time??
Be prepared for riding in all kinds of weather in USA, rain gear handy, and smiles on your face.
Ride Safe!

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