Great team, Great people!

You know when you meet people and right off the bat you know they are great people? Well that is how we felt about Gerry and his staff.  They are a fun, friendly crew that love what they do and life itself! We chatted with Gerry at the Calgary and Edmonton Motorcycle show and let him know we would be around to insure another addition to our bike collection.  Being the down to earth guy that Gerry is, he asked us to come by, to give his Motorcycle guys a preview of Ride Stop N Go before they went to the Red Deer Motorcycle show.  We stopped by for a bit, talked to Dirk and of course with Gerry, the video below is an interview with the guys and an overview of what BlueCircle Insurance has to offer.

We absolutley love and believe that BlueCircle Insurance is the best place to get your Motorcycle Insurance, their motorcycle divisions all ride so they are aware of riders needs!