Can you find me the tape measure? Angela asks one recent afternoon. I always quiver when a question like that comes out of her mouth as it probably means she wants to continue on some sort of project; one that I have long forgotten on a previous incompleted honey do list. Not being one to argue, I make my way out to the garage, shuffle around my old red tool box and find the dusty device. I look at the unfinished bike projects and contemplate hanging out here, that would be more enjoyable and more rewarding I think to myself…common sense soon prevails and I make my way back in the house, wondering how many trips I am going to have to take to the local hardware store today; to appease the better half.

“Spread your legs” Angela says as I hand her the tape measure, now before you get your mind in the gutter, like mine quickly was; Angela’s intent is to measure my see Resurgence Gear, a motorcycle apparel company specializing in safety gear has asked us to do a review of there denim PEKEV jeans. Angela takes her time, measures and records the inseam and then measures my burger a day waistline..36″ she says with a crooked smile and thoughts of salad for dinner the next few nights may be the new order, that’s okay I think to myself, I can always sneak a ride in to the Longview Twin Cities Saloon for a burger. I continue the process and measure Angela’s inseam and waistline; which numbers I will not post here as I would be a lifetime member of the proverbial dog house we men fear.

Resurgence Gear Protect Your Rear; Motorcycle Jean Review

Resurgence Gear Protects Your Rear; Motorcycle Jean ReviewResurgence Gear is SAFETY with the patterned PEKEV technology and the added bonus of a good looking jean. You won’t find a selection of 100 different types of jeans but they have made and produced a great selection for both sexes including black and blue jeans as well as the cargo style if that is your taste. Motorcyclists will have no problem finding a pair to your liking. We submitted our order easily and anxiously awaited for their arrival as we were just preparing for The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride. Which will carry us over 25,000kms over the summer and really put these new motorcycle jeans to the test.

Jeans shipped to us

Resurgence Gear Ladies JeansComfortable Jeans

The fit was real good for myself and Angela found she had to upsize from her regular size, according to the sizing chart provided on their site. They are super comfortable and they stretch somewhat which provides us some room after a night of over eating. The elasticity also provides comfort getting on and off the bikes and also while bombing down the highway. We both wear mid calf riding boots and the jeans were not to tight around the boot so that we had to struggle to get them over the boots. This and the slightly more than regular jean weight keep them from sliding up your calf while rolling down the highway at speed.

Putting Resurgence Jeans to the test

Resurgence Gear Ladies Jeans Inside ViewPricing

Resurgence Gear Mens JeansSafety is very important

It is refreshing to wear a pair of jeans that you can comfortably wear with some sense of safety attached to them other than a pair of chaps, although we do wear both at times depending on the weather conditions. We still have many miles to ride on The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride and trust the Resurgence Gear Jeans to keep us safe as well as in keeping in fashion.
Resurgence Gear Mens Jeans Inside ViewResurgence Gear 15% discount to Ride Stop n Go Friends

Take some time and check out their website and if you have any questions about our review, just send us a note and we will be happy to answer them.

As an added bonus the great folks at Resurgence Gear have provided any of you with a 15% discount when you order a pair of jeans or any other product if you use the attached link and/or coupon mention Ride-Stop-N Go… beans and thats a savings of $45..awesome.
When you go to order your jeans please email Osman and let him know you heard about them through us, he will see you will get the 15% discount.
Resurgence Gear Protects Your Rear; 15% discountPEKEV ® TECHNOLOGY :
MADE FOR CE STANDARD: EN-13595-1, EN-13595-2

Pushing the limits of Aramids and Ethylene fibers using the right spinning techniques to improve the tensile strengths and then converting them into fabrics with right blends, We have developed the 3rd generation fabric PEKEV. Which is one of the strongest and stable fabric. Made from the world’s toughest polymer with highest breaking point in yarn-which is tensile Strength over all strength of fabric is highly increased among all contemporary protection layers. With the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. It is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals with exception of oxidizing acids; has extremely low moisture absorption and a very low coefficient of friction; is self-lubricating; and is highly resistant to abrasion, in some forms being 15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel. it is very resistant to water, moisture, most chemicals, UV radiation, and micro-organisms. So, drag after drag and wash after wash, where others fail to perform in durability and long life our products perform to full life. The fabric is already field tested internationally and now is ready for most precious motor bike riders in every corner of the world.


*Very strong in impact resistance

*Ultra high Abrasion resistant

*With dual layer and cross knitting it is exceptionally strong against motion cut

*Moisture in washing will not affect the performance wash after wash

*Disperses body heat quickly

*Durable and very life long


When protection performance can be measured in fractions of a second, PEKEV™ raises the bar and delivers results other manufacturers can currently only dream of. Advancements in fibre technology have allowed us to rectify weaknesses inherent in aramid and other similar yarns and the result is PEKEV™. Unlike most other brands, the PEKEV™ lining has no expiry date. No manufacturer wants to tell you that exposure to sunlight, washing and time all degrade the protective qualities of traditional aramids, but these are the facts. With PEKEV time is on your side. Sunlight and washing are no longer an issue. Ride happy, ride safe, day after day.


All bikers know that in an accident you want to have protection against impact, road rash (abrasion) and cuts. PEKEV™ lining is specifically engineered to protect your body in those few seconds of high risk. The specific spinning techniques used to produce PEKEV not only maximize these protective qualities but also increase the life span of the material. Here at Resurgence we are happy to state that PEKEV is not designed to hide under denim – it is the star of the show!


Unlike aramid fabrics which degrade rapidly; PEKEV™ is strong against

• Ionic enzyme washing. In 90% of cases aramid fibres are treated with ionic enzymes when washing denim, so performance is affected right from the point of manu facturing. Aramids are sensitive to acids.
• Bleach. Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) treatment completely destroys the strength of aramid fabrics. PEKEV remains unaffected.
• Ultra violet (sunlight to you and me). In strong sunlight, or a high UV environment, aramid fibres degrade and life cycle is reduced. With PEKEV™ there is no degre dation and the fibres are unaffected.
• Moisture. Aramid strength is affected by moisture and washing. PEKEV is again not affected.
• Detergents. Superior chemical resistance means that PEKEV™ performance is unaffected by these.
• Heat dispersion. Most aramid fabrics retain heat and do not breathe PEKEV™ disperses body heat and is breathable, so keeps you cool comfortable and able to focus even on long runs on sunny days