No one ever wants to drop their bike, heck no one even wants to admit they have done it. But it is something pretty much all of us have done, with a quick look to see who is watching first, with the end result being you are Picking Up Your Motorcycle.

Picking up your Motorcycle

picking up your motorcycle
Speaking from experience, Yes I, Angela, have dropped my Softail Deluxe twice… Ahhhh twice. The first time my EGO was hurt really bad and I blamed Troy for ME dropping MY motorcycle, even while he picked it up for me! The 2nd time pure adreneline and I picked up my motorcycle before anyone had a chance to see what I had just done.
Troy has dropped his bike a couple times too (Shhh don’t tell him I said so) see it is just not women who have done this HAHA!

Having a technique for picking up your motorcycle whether you are male or female, have a small or really large motorcycle is important. We visited the Calgary Motorcycle Show and at the Harley Davidson booth they were demonstrating and teaching the technique.

7 Easy Steps

It is intimidating to do,especially when there are quite a few men and women standing around watching you, but in all reality you are most likely to have a crowd when and if you drop your motorcycle in real life.
What they taught us was very straight forward and had a lot of common sense to it, here are the 7 steps:

  1. Make sure your Kickstand is engaged (if bike is on its non kickstand side)
  2. Position yourself 1/2 way on the seat, knees bent at a 90 degree angle
  3. Put your left hand on the handle bars, with your right hand grab the fender strut
  4. Push back into the bike and you will lift the bike
  5. Take baby steps back, walk the bike upright
  6. Don’t use your arms to lift, use them for stability
  7. Once bike is upright, rest it on the kickstand


Not a bad idea to practice

practice on a scooter
If you haven’t dropped your bike… yet, good for you! Still not a bad idea to practice picking up your motorcycle, especially if you get the chance to practice with someone else’s bike!! There are lots of dealerships that offer this for men and women, at their customer appreciation days, bike nights, demo days or just go and ask them if you can try it one day. Practice on a scooter at first if you want, work your way up to your bike.