The iconic Sturgis Motorcycle rally and its 75th Anniversary is calling us to join her. With the cumulative end to the Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride coming shortly after the rally; we are able to let our hair down one last time. This is last big event of the epic ride across our two great countries. Its time to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones. What kind of trouble do we get into? Continue reading below as we take you on a tour of the best rally in the world on Part 8: Sturgis 75th Anniversary Rally.

We have arrived, let the party begin

Main Street Sturgis 75th Anniversary
Rolling into Sturgis on July 31st, Friday afternoon, we were anticiapting thousands upon thousands of motorcycles, line ups backed out onto the Interstate and expected the main road into the town of 6000 to be tire to tire..
To our surprise we were able to roll right into town and get to Sturgis RV Park, our home away from home, with ease, no lineups, stop and go traffic and not a toy hauler to be seen.
That was unusual and we wondered where everyone was, did we not get the memo Sturgis Rally was the week before??
After unpacking our gear and throwing on some shorts we headed down to the beer store for supplies and met our neighbours for the week.
We have been on the road for 6 1/2 weeks, tonight was about letting our hair down and prepping for a big week!
Easy Rider Saloon is a 10 minute walk from our cabins, and planned to meet up with some good friends (Dean & Allison) and even ran into family (Neil, Baird, Clayton and their friends) We listened to an 80’s tribute band that rocked the house, drinks were flowing, laughs were had and the next thing you know Troy and I are on Main Street with no other cars, no motorcycles or no people! WHERE IS EVERYONE??!!!

Victory & Indian take over Lazelle Street

Victory motorcycles on Lazelle Street
The first year I went to Sturgis (2010) Victory had a small location on main street, at The Bank. There might have been 6-8 bikes in their “showroom” and a minimal amount of T-shirts to buy. Fast forward to 2015, Victory, Indian, Slingshot all under Polaris have taken over Lazelle Street, their new location was formerly the Harley part of Lazelle street, their new location is over 100,000 square feet right in the heart of all the action!
Indian Motorcycles on Lazelle street
So much going on in their tents you could easily spend the day, including the Victory Motorcycle Stunt Riders,(Tony & Joe) Police Motorcycle Demonstrations, Dyno Machines, Jack Daniels, Hot Bike Tour Bike Display, Classic Indian motorcycles, debuting the 2016’s, Veterans Ride featuring 12+ veterans who rode 1500 miles from LA to Sturgis, all on 2015 Indian motorcycles.
As part of The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride, Troy and I rode were able to ride our motorcycles into the heart of the huge Victory and Indian displays, riding amongst the people and the vendors. We had put on over 19,000 kms on these two motorcycles on the Worlds Longest Demo Ride, and we were thrilled at the reception we received as we rode them into display area on Lazalle St.

Flat Track Racing

Sturgis Rally Flat Track Racing
This is the true Sturgis history, Flat Track Racing and the Hill Climb is what really started the rally and after 75 years it is still going strong.
What a Spectacular event, it was the first time we had gone to watch the races and we were not disappointed, in fact it blew us away!
The speed, the talent, the dynamics, the racers, the fans and the history of this event were amazing and well worth watching.
We had a good friend racing in 3 different classes, Don Galloway from Cycle Works Motorsports of Alberta, WOW is he an animal on the track.
It was great to see all ages race, in fact one young fella was 12 years old, he won his race, beating out guys who were 25 years old, he had no fear racing around the track. It was great to see some gals out there racing, another friend Brittney Olsen, took to the track on a vintage Harley Davidson and her competitive nature kept us on our feet as these old machines barreled around the track.
We highly recommend taking the flat track dirt racing or the hill climb, you will be rewarded.

Sturgis Drag strip

Sturgis Drag Strip 2015
You want to talk about speed, the famous 1/8 mile drag strip just east of Sturgis is another great way to spend the day! We were invited to the Victory Owners Day which was hosted out at the Dragway, and we were able to witness a lot of speed and talent. Matt and Angie Smith, and there NHRA drag bike was there and did a couple of super fast passes and WOW can that bike move!! Don’t blink as you will miss Matt or Angie as they burn up the strip in seconds and is the damn bike LOUD!!
Victory motorcycles dominated the drag strip all day as anyone with their bike & helmet could race, it was great to see so many riders put their bikes to the test. Troy and I were able to do that too, as we have had a few chances to test the bikes in this area but not on a closed track. As you can imagine the banter and competition between us, neither one of us wanting to lose. Troy has his version of how it happened and I have mine but the true version is on video and paper and that’s all that matters!! Troy was a little slow off the mark, and no way could catch me (insert evil laugh) but made for a good story.

T&A Sturgis Dragway Times:

Troy on the left    Ang on the right
+.9448          Reaction         +.8440
2.6192          60 ft           2.2321
9.6021          ET @594ft         8.8662
10.2312         1/8 ET          9.4741
71.52          1/8 MPH         74.01

Bikes, Babes & Bizarre People

Babes in Sturgis 2015
What rally is complete without checking out all the bikes, the babes and so many things Bizarre things you see ONLY at Sturgis!
We talked to a lot of people on Main Street and majority of them said this was the FIRST time they have been to Sturgis.
Lots of entertainment in each bar, some with known and unknown bands, wet T-shirt contests, amateur fighting/boxing, cold beer, moonshine and good greasy food.
There were plenty of police officers there to keep everyone safe, you don’t even want to imagine what they see.
The Sunday August 2nd, the quiet little town that we entered a few days before was no longer quiet, people on bikes, toy haulers, motorhomes came fast and furious with no chance to stand on main street as we did 2 days before.

Heading Home

Last day heading home
After 6 fun filled days at the 75th rally we are packing up our things and heading home.
We have now been away from home for 7 1/2 weeks, The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride is truly coming to an end.
We were able to meet up with a lot of cyber friends during the rally and sadly missed many as timing didn’t work out.
Signing the Map
So grateful for everyone who came out to meet us, sign the map, have a beer and chit chat about everyone’s journey.
We love staying at the Sturgis RV Park, love the extended family we have got to know there. We love it is walking distance to everything in town, it is extremely clean and Gina is the best bartender around who just loves staying open late for us Canadians!!