There has been no shortage of amazing scenery, friendly people, fresh seafood and the chance to meet many new friends, spending time in the Maritimes is something we could get used to!
Part 6: Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride continues touring the Maritimes.

The Cabot Trail

Part 6 Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride Cabot Trail
We arrived in North Sydney after a 15 hour ferry ride tired but glad to be back on solid soil. Our friend Daniel Ross from the Cabot Trail Biker had arranged to meet us halfway around the Cabot Trail. We eagerly and excitedly we’re ready to do one of the nicest motorcycle rides in Canada, only to start off in the rain. We chose to do the Cabot Trail counterclockwise and entered it at St Anne’s.
The other entrance is approximately 10 miles east at Englishtown where a short fairy will take you across to start the Cabot Trail.
Cabot Trail NS
We recommend taking the Englishtown ferry as the road from St.Anne’s was absolutely horrible, probably some of this due to the rain and weather conditions. It was a nice ride with some views of the ocean and a great lunch at Coastal Waters restaurant and pub which we highly recommend. From here we rode from the town of Ingonish up to Neils Harbour and through some of the Highlands to Pleasant Bay, it was beautiful. The sun came out and we enjoyed what we thought was the best part of the ride from Pleasant Bay to Cheticamp, where we stopped for the night and laid our heads to sleep at the Cornerstone Motel right at the Highlands Park entrance.

The Cabot Trail Biker; Daniel Ross

Victory Indian Motorcycles parked at Light house
Daniel Ross from Cabot Trail biker met us in the morning and was our fantastic tour guide for the rest of the day. He was gracious with his time, his knowledge and his passion for motorcycling the Cabot Trail and his home province of Nova Scotia. He was also nice enough to take us fishing with his family and set us up in a bed and breakfast outside of his hometown. If you are looking for any information on the Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia or even PEI please have a look at Cabot Trail Biker and PEI Biker
and tell him Ride Stop n Go sent you, you will be rewarded!

Tour Halifax & Peggy’s Cove

Peggy's Cove
After leaving the Cabot Trail we took some time to tour the rest of Nova Scotia specifically Halifax, Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg and the surrounding beautiful areas. We enjoyed the small towns, the fishing villages and the general friendliness of the Nova Scotian people. We were also grateful to stay at some friends home outside of Halifax where we caught up on some editing some downloading and some good ole R n R.. Thank you very much K&C.

Hello Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Red Sand Beaches
Our final Province to visit in the Maritimes was Prince Edward Island and let me tell you, we were excited to visit and ride there. We crossed at Pictou NS and took the ferry to Woods Island. We were treated to a very cool bed-and-breakfast that we recommend, it is called Purple Bike Bed and Breakfast. We enjoyed our time there, great breakfast and great conversation with the owner Astrid.
Friends in Prince Edward Island
We were lucky enough to meet some friends who are local to the island. They graciously toured us around the whole island and included Cavendish, Summerside, Charlottetown and Tyne Valley where you must stop in at The Landing and get yourself a special T-shirt from the PEI biker. We found riding in the rain in Prince Edward Island relaxing and comfortable. The island is very small and the speed limits dictate that you take your time and if you do you will be rewarded.

Thanks Paul, Eldon, Gina, Randy, Graham and Donna for taking the time out of your schedules to show us the wonderful province that you live in.

Sadly leaving the Maritimes

Confederation Bridge PEI
After completing our visit to the beautiful province of Prince Edward Island we were excited to take the Confederation Bridge one of the biggest and best engineered in the world across the Northcumberland straight back to New Brunswick on our way to New York City and eventually Sturgis South Dakota

THE RIDES AND THE ROADS : The Maritimes of Canada

Roads in the Maritimes

As most of you know you can prepare for a lot when you are planning a trip and their are times when you can actually prepare too much. For “The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride” I thought we had it all covered and for the most part we have. We knew not to ride at night because of the moose and deer on the roads, we knew the service and breakdown problems we may have as a result of limited dealerships along our path. What we didn’t know was the quality of the roads in the maritimes. Matter of factly they are absolutely horrible and I will not sugar coat it at all, just plain crap. Not only for motorcycles but cars as well. The Trans Canada highway or as Angela lightheartedly calls it the Trout Cod highway, from New Brunswick to St. John’s Newfoundland is the worst in the country, there are others portions that are in need of repair across the nation but this portion was the worst.

Indian Chieftain Review of Tires

Dunlop Elite 3 Tires on the Chietain
The lack of road maintain maintenance and general dis-repair of our roadway allows a good lead in to talk of tires on the Indian Chieftain and the Victory Magnum that were supplied by Cycle Works Motorsports of Alberta. The tires on both motorcycles come factory equipped Dunlop Elite 3. Considering the miles of pavement we rode on across the country in many adverse conditions; road and weather, we are pleased with their performance. They provided traction in wet, dry and sometimes almost freezing conditions. We did check tire pressures daily as an under-inflated tire will wear faster and preform not as intended. Considering the weight Troy was carrying on the Indian and the road conditions in the Maritimes, a good tire-suspension selection has been made by the engineers.

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