One of “The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride’s” highest priorities was to ride from coast to coast. The beginning of the trip saw us dip our motorcycle tires in the Pacific ocean in Canada’s most westerly province of British Columbia. We only had to ride 7000km (4200 miles) to reach Cape Spear, the other side of the continent and the most easterly point in North America.
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Arriving in the Maritimes!

Part 5 Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride Entering Canada’s Maritime province of New Brunswick via the state of Maine we could almost sense Newfoundland was not far off and the mighty Atlantic Ocean was with in our reaches. The route to Newfoundland took us through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Here we hopped aboard the ferry in the port city of North Sydney with the destination of Port aux Basques on Newfoundlands west shore; a short 6hr crossing on calm seas.

First sighting of The Rock

Newfoundland Coast Bright Houses

As the ferry was preparing to dock we stood at the railings of the massive ship and not a word was said as we embraced the beauty of this giant landscape of a rock. The multicolored houses, fishing boats in the harbour and the smell of the fresh days catch enlightened our senses and excitement. We took our time riding across the beautiful expansive of a rock knowing we would probably not return; by motorcycle anyway.

Amazing Views as we head to St.John’s

Icebergs in Kings Point T&A in the boat We visited Rocky Harbour and Gros Mourne National Park and Kings point where we seen and touched glacial icebergs possibly thousands of years old. We sat on a giant lobster in Campbelton and visited small communities on routes 331 and 340 north of gander. Our bikes and our trip were blessed by a spiritual leader of the mig may nation ; Victor Muse. Believe it or not we also traveled through towns or spotted directional signs with names such as Come by Chance, pork Island, Hearts Desire, Hearts Content, Tickles, Cupids and yes even Dildo; fascinating really.

Atlantic Ocean get ready!

Getting ready to dip the tires We eventually reached St. John’s Newfoundland and as we got off of our bikes to take a pic and get some video of the city sign, Ang and I were both sure we spotted a tear under each of our respective sunglasses; fitting I suppose. Happiness, joy and relief.
We spent the next few days sampling some of what this great city offered. Including the Harbour front, Signal Hill, Cape Spear, George Street and of course Flatrock.
Troy's Cousin helped find the dipping spot
Thanks to my cousin Amery, who happens to be a in-residence art major in St. John’s for helping us find and recommend this spot to dip our tires in the Atlantic. Flat Rock cove may well be the most easterly point in the continent to dip your tires in the this ocean.
For many reasons this was a special day for us and those friends and family who accompanied us from coast to coast on this incredible journey,
thank you Fred, Dawn, Terry and John who travelled the whole way with us.

New Friends were made

Thanks for your hospitality

We left St. John’s heading to the ferry a couple hours away under the escort of some great Newfoundlanders we consider friends. Thank you Guy, Debbie, John, Peter, Linda and your families. Also a big shout out to Daisy and Claude from Grand Falls.

Now we prepare ourselves to cross the Atlantic once more, this time a 15 hour ferry ride.

Magnum Review Sidenotes

Angela is still loving the power and torque the Magnum has! One thing she would recommend if your going to be putting lots of miles on the Magnum is a sissy bar or detachable tour pack. Currently there is nothing to tie down the duffle bag she carries. It does slide around a little at times, depending on road conditions the way it is secured. Looking through the Victory accessories will find you what is required.

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